Positioning Your Agency as ‘Worth It’: Building a Strong Home Care Company Brand

Building a Strong Home Care Brand

Families across the country are struggling. Millions struggle to balance caring for children and older loved ones. These days, many also struggle with balancing finances. With costs rising for everything from groceries to care services, it can be challenging for families to determine how best to spend their hard-earned dollars. Still, as the demand for home care services continues to … Read More

Build Local Awareness of Your Care Company With Social Media Marketing

Build Local Awareness of Your Care Company With Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with family caregivers, potential clients, referral partners, and job seekers and creating brand awareness for your care company in the communities you serve. Home care agencies can effectively enhance marketing efforts and reach a wider audience by leveraging social media platforms. But which social media platforms make the most sense for your … Read More

5 Steps to Creating a Valuable Home Care Service

5 Steps to Creating a Valuable Home Care Service

  Whether you are a start-up home care business or your home care agency has been around for a few years but growth has been stagnant, here are five steps to creating a valuable service to help your agency thrive. 1. Listen, Don’t Assume Every business owner who wants to be successful should start at the beginning: listening to the … Read More

The Power of Personal Stories in Home Care Marketing

How to Use Personal Stories in Home Care Marketing

  Think back to a time when you needed to choose a service provider to help you with a sensitive situation. Perhaps it was a healthcare provider. You likely placed a high value on hearing encouraging stories from others who have used that provider or hearing the provider talk about how they’ve helped others in your circumstance. The same is … Read More

How to Communicate Your Agency’s Brand Message

How to Communicate Your Agency’s Brand Message banner

Your brand messaging defines your home care company. It gives consumers a gut feeling about what your company believes in and stands for. It is the specific values and benefits that your company promises that causes consumers and job seekers align with your company instead of the competition. It’s critical to do the hard work of developing your brand messaging, … Read More

corecubed Brings Home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze with 6 New Aster Awards

corecubed brings home the gold, silver and bronze with 6 new Aster Awards

The Aster Awards are well known for recognizing the nation’s top healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence. We were thrilled to earn six of these elite awards in 2021 for our clients: 24/7 Idaho Home Care’s Website: Gold Dakota Home Care’s Nursing Care Brochure: Gold Endeavor In-Home Care’s Social Media Ad: Gold Dakota Home Care’s Logo and Letterhead: Silver JFS … Read More

Is Your Home Care Marketing HIPAA Compliant?

Is Your Home Care HIPAA Compliant?

If you’ve been in the home care or healthcare field for any length of time, you’re undoubtably familiar with HIPAA – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA set national standards for how to protect patients and their private health information. As employers in the home care industry, most understand that HIPAA covers information that would be … Read More

The Way We Talk About Aging is Changing

The Way We Talk About Aging Is Changing

The way we talk about diverse groups of people is changing more and more each day, including how we write, speak, and think about the older adult population. Unfortunately, in the United States, ageism is rampant in the media and many commercials, TV shows, magazines, and movies often portray stereotypes of older adults as forgetful and without any capacity to … Read More

Designing With User Emotions In Mind to Market Home Care

Designing With User Emotions in Mind to Market Home Care

Searching for home care for aging parents or an older loved one can be an emotional and taxing undertaking. Individuals often become aware that a family member requires the help of a home care agency or an in‑home caregiver after a trip to the hospital or a chronic health diagnosis, which can add stress, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed. … Read More

Trust Marks: How to Market A Home Care Agency With Confidence

Trust Marks: Signals That Build Confidence in Your Home Care Agency

When searching for care for a loved one, consumers are faced with myriad choices. And when it comes to how to market a home care agency, agencies are faced with similar questions. With service offerings that seem similar across providers, how does a home care agency stand out from competitors and provide consumers with confidence that the highest standards are … Read More

Creative Recruiting Marketing Ideas for Home Care Agencies: Your Home Care Agency Survival Kit

recruitment marketing strategy

In the recently released Home Care Pulse 2020 Benchmarking Study, caregiver shortages and turnover were identified as two of the top five threats facing home care providers. According to AARP, more than 21 percent of American adults are currently providing care for an older loved one at home – up from 18% in 2016, an increase of 9.5 million people. This dramatic increase signals the importance … Read More

Fix It and Flip It: Home Care Marketing Tools Can Help You Sell Your Agency

home care marketing

Home improvement and house flipping shows like Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, and Fixer Upper are wildly popular as housing markets across the country climb and people dream of selling for a high profit. Just like the housing market, the home care industry is also hot, and many agency owners are hoping to sell their businesses to the highest bidder. … Read More

Marketing Your Home Care Business: Telling Your Story in a Brand New Way

Marketing Home Care

Everyone loves a good story, whether it’s sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows, gathered around the dinner table, or snuggled under the covers with a sleepy toddler and a brightly colored board book. At corecubed, we’re no different. We love to hear our clients’ stories – what inspired them to start their business, the history behind that “why,” and what motivates … Read More

How Do Colors Color Your Marketing?

Aging Care Marketing

Successfully branding and marketing a home care agency requires careful thought. But have you thought about how color affects your brand?

Think Print is Dead? Think Again!

Print Strategies

Have you been hearing that print is dead? Sure the world has gone digital, but don't bury print just yet. Take a look at our blog to learn why print is still a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing is a Two-Way Street

Social Media Marketing

How do you walk the two-way street of social media marketing and keep your brand intact, and use technology to your benefit? As always, corecubed is ready to take you by the hand and lead you through social media best practices. Our knowledge of social media marketing can yield rewarding results while steering you away from any pitfalls.