Is Your Senior Care Company a Wallflower Brand?

senior care company
senior care company

If you’re wondering how to sell home health care services, it’s time to sept away from the wall.

Quality, professionalism, impeccable service. These are all great attributes, and hopefully they’re all true of your business, but they’re also the same words that every other business uses to market themselves. What these general buzzwords tend to do is keep a business from standing out. Think about it. If Coca-Cola didn’t encourage you to “Open Happiness” or if Pepsi hadn’t encouraged us to “Be Young. Have Fun. Drink Pepsi,” we might never care about which carbonated beverage we drank. But these brands worked to set themselves apart and each made itself a household name.

A key concept of how to sell home health care services successfully is differentiation. When all home care companies do pretty much the same thing, differentiation lies not in WHAT you do but WHY & HOW you do it. Just like people, companies need personalities to relate. Companies without personalities (or with bad ones) aren’t relatable or even likeable and won’t get clicks, much less inquiries.

In today’s highly digital world where most of our information is harvested online, it’s crucial to infuse your brand with personality in order to get found on the Internet. Every business needs a unique voice in order to cut through the noise of the web and the competition, and connect with customers. When you’re considering your brand’s personality, here are some critical questions to ask:

  • Who are we? Most likely, you have a basic understanding of your personality traits and those of your business partners and staff. Are you funny and laid back? Buttoned up and informative? Are you a people person? Zero in on the aspects of your own personality that overlap with your business’ mission statement, and explore them. How can they help you stand out?
  • What is our brand’s story? No business begins in a vacuum, which means each company has a story. Perhaps you started your home care agency because a relative had a bad experience with a caregiver and you knew you could provide others with better care. Maybe you’re a family-owned business that goes back generations. Determine what your brand’s story is and how you can work that into your marketing campaigns.
  • What is our expertise? When branding yourself, it’s important to be clear about your expertise, and in the aging care industry, it’s important to have a niche that helps you stand out. Stating that you employ the best caregivers is great, but isn’t that what everyone says? What do your caregivers do that makes them great? Do they have special training in Alzheimer’s care that sets you apart? Perhaps you offer training and workshops to families to help them better understand how to care for loved ones.
  • How do we want people to see us? When someone thinks of your business or clicks on your website or looks at your brochure, how do you want to come across? What impression are you trying to make with your target audience?

If all home care companies do the same thing, how is yours different? How is it unique? How do you sell home health care services better than any other agency? At corecubed we help senior care companies create brands that relate to the senior care buyer and referrer. Contact us to learn how to sell your home health care services and get results, and how we can take your brand from a wallflower to one that knows how to dance.