Positioning Your Agency as ‘Worth It’: Building a Strong Home Care Company Brand

Building a Strong Home Care Brand

Families across the country are struggling. Millions struggle to balance caring for children and older loved ones. These days, many also struggle with balancing finances. With costs rising for everything from groceries to care services, it can be challenging for families to determine how best to spend their hard-earned dollars. Still, as the demand for home care services continues to … Read More

corecubed Brings Home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze with 6 New Aster Awards

corecubed brings home the gold, silver and bronze with 6 new Aster Awards

The Aster Awards are well known for recognizing the nation’s top healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence. We were thrilled to earn six of these elite awards in 2021 for our clients: 24/7 Idaho Home Care’s Website: Gold Dakota Home Care’s Nursing Care Brochure: Gold Endeavor In-Home Care’s Social Media Ad: Gold Dakota Home Care’s Logo and Letterhead: Silver JFS … Read More

Protect Your Home Care Website from Image Copyright Infringement

Protect Your Home Care Website from Image Copyright Infringement

Ideally, your website contains well‑written, helpful content, a user‑friendly navigation, and of course, eye‑catching images. But are those pictures of cheerful caregivers and happy seniors YOUR images, or could you be at risk for copyright infringement? If you didn’t personally design your agency’s website and/or take the photos or create the illustrations used on your site, there’s some important information … Read More

Designing With User Emotions In Mind to Market Home Care

Designing With User Emotions in Mind to Market Home Care

Searching for home care for aging parents or an older loved one can be an emotional and taxing undertaking. Individuals often become aware that a family member requires the help of a home care agency or an in‑home caregiver after a trip to the hospital or a chronic health diagnosis, which can add stress, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed. … Read More

Does Your Home Care Website Design Scare Customers Away?

home care marketing October newsletter header

For many older adults and their loved ones, the thought of hiring a home care provider is a scary, but necessary, prospect. And with the heavy competition in the marketplace, it’s vital not to do anything that might further spook potential clients. This may sound like a no brainer, but many home care agencies don’t pay enough attention to, or … Read More

What Are We Thankful for This Year?

Healthcare Marketing Awards

Our team has earned two more awards for our web design and home care marketing work! Read on to find out more about our latest recognitions.

Think Print is Dead? Think Again!

Print Strategies

Have you been hearing that print is dead? Sure the world has gone digital, but don't bury print just yet. Take a look at our blog to learn why print is still a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Awkward Website First Impressions

Website First Impressions

There is a lot of awkwardness on the Internet. But what happens when your business has an awkward website design? Learn the surprising statistics behind website first impressions in this blog.

corecubed’s Newest Product Line: Custom WordPress Themes

Custom WordPress

Because every business needs a website, corecubed has developed a new product line to help businesses in all indutries stay competitive online with a price-conscious, professionally designed and developed site. Find out more about our Custom WordPress Themes in our latest blog.

The 2011 Webby Awards

2011 Webby Awards

We've said it before, when something good happens for your company you should shout it from the rooftops! Consider this blog post our rooftop exclamation, because corecubed has been nominated for a Webby Award and we are thrilled! We'd love your support as we compete against some pretty big names in this contest. Read on to find out how you can help.

Top Three Things We Need From Our Web Clients

Before we dive into a new website design, there are a few things that we need to get started. Providing these three main items will help avoid headaches later and keep your project on task. So, what can you do to help us? Read on to find out the three top things you need to provide your website designer.

Cliches to Avoid When Working With Your Web Designer

Asking for trite design and content not only frustrates your web designer, but including these cliches in your website will also annoy your users. Trust your designer and avoid the following requests. Your website will be better off and your users will be more likely to continue clicking about.

The Web Design and Development Process

Web development process

Following up to the December 1st post about design vs. development, it’s time to recap and start the actual process. Now that you know the differences between the two, let’s talk about how they play out.

Wireframes, mock-ups, and betas. Say what? Understanding the website design and development process is vital to having your project run smoothly. Here we outline the basics of the process and what to expect when you hire us for a web project.

Great Design Isn’t Necessarily Usable

great website design

Are you considering usability when creating or updating your website? If not, you may be setting yourself up for failure! Planning how users will navigate your website will help ensure that they can find what they need and could improve your conversion rates! Who doesn’t love that idea?