Best Practices: Your Time Is Valuable

Home Care Best Practices: Your Time Is Valuable

Most home care agencies understand the value of a customer, but they should also understand the value of time spent on day-to-day operations. Time is a commodity, just like a home care service. So if an agency is spending time doing manual processes that could be automated and streamlined, they are wasting one of their most valuable resources. Your time … Read More

The Top Five Things to Know About Home Care Management Software

The Top Five Things to Know About Home Care Management Software

  If your home care agency has trouble completing daily tasks using outdated methods, it’s time to make things more efficient. Moving from manual processes to an unfamiliar technology can seem daunting, but there are some significant benefits to using software instead of paper or even spreadsheets. Once you’ve done the hard part of hiring a home care software vendor … Read More

5 Steps to Creating a Valuable Home Care Service

5 Steps to Creating a Valuable Home Care Service

  Whether you are a start-up home care business or your home care agency has been around for a few years but growth has been stagnant, here are five steps to creating a valuable service to help your agency thrive. 1. Listen, Don’t Assume Every business owner who wants to be successful should start at the beginning: listening to the … Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Home Care Software

Get the Most Out of Your Home Care Software

  For an agency to be successful in the home care space, owners and operators should invest in home care management software. No matter which system an agency chooses, ensuring the business gets the most out of that software is important. Whether it’s a brand new home care agency that’s shopping around for the best fit for their new business … Read More

What Apple’s iOS14.5 Means for Marketing Home Care Ads on Facebook

If you’re an iPhone user, chances are that by now you’ve received a notification or heard about Apple’s latest update, iOS14.5, which was released in late April after several weeks of anticipation from the digital marketing communities. While iOS14.5 prioritizes helpful new ways to experience some of the iPhone’s most popular applications and features, the spotlight has shone brightly on … Read More

Prevention Equals Protection: Keeping Home Care Agencies Safe Online

Safe Online

Web security is a hot topic lately, and home care agencies, along with other small businesses that lack a dedicated IT staff, are finding themselves at a significant disadvantage when it comes to staying up-to-date on their site's security. Our latest blog discusses some of the steps that all businesses should be taking in order to reduce risk and thwart hacks.

Let’s Talk Website Security!

If there is one constant about the digital age in which we live, it's that everything is always changing. As cliché as that may sound, it is absolutely true, and it carries with it the need to stay informed, up-to-date, and on top of things as best you can. Find out about the recent WordPress hacks and how you can avoid gaps in security on your website in our latest blog.

Tech Tip: Make Sure You’re Secure

The corecubed team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, from writing to PR and marketing to web design and development, and we like sharing what we know. Today's blog comes from our web development guru and all around techie, Will Chatham. Read on for a helpful tech tip.