Weed Out Inquiry Management Problems and Watch Your Home Care Sales Grow

Weed Out Inquiry Management Problems and Watch Your Home Care Sales Grow

With spring just around the bend, our thoughts are turning to growth. Flower beds bursting with color. Gardens filled with sprouts. All things that seem so natural, but require time and effort on the part of the gardener. Much like gardeners, home care agency owners and operators sow a lot of time and effort into marketing and home care sales … Read More

Score More Runs for Your Agency with the Right Coach

With spring training in full swing, now is the perfect time to think about what the right coach can do, not just for your favorite team, but for your home care business. Ideally, your home care agency has a salesperson or team with deep industry expertise and knowledge, strong community connections with referral sources, and a passion for sales. Yet even with the best players on your team, continually honing strategies and skills is key to remaining ahead of … Read More

How corecubed Clients Are Growing Home Care Sales with Customized Sales Training

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“I need marketing help!” At corecubed, this is a plea we often hear from agencies of all sizes, and our home care marketing team has become renowned for providing a wide array of amazing marketing services and products to better market your home care business and get your agency more leads. But what’s happening once you get those leads? Is your sales … Read More

Are Your Sales & Marketing Playing on the Same Team?

Sales and Marketing

While it’s tempting to think of sales and marketing in different color jerseys, playing their own games, it’s actually vital that they team up and play ball together. Find out how to get them to play well together here.