Top Tips for Building a Memorable Home Care Brand Experience

home care brand

home care brandIf the word “logo” is all that comes to mind when you hear the word “brand,” have we got an education for you! Your business’s brand is all about the experience that you deliver to your clients. With each interaction, clients should be having experiences that make them loyal to your brand. In fact, it’s those experiences that your brand builds that become your brand in the mind of your clients.

For example, imagine that Cathy, a potential customer, calls your agency in a panic – her mother has fallen at home, and when she leaves the hospital she’ll no longer be able to live on her own. With three kids and a full time job, Cathy can’t move her mother in to her home. You can hear a baby crying in the background and Cathy herself sounds frazzled and tired. However, throughout the course of your call, you empathize with Cathy’s frustration. You use a calm voice, and maybe even relate to her situation with a story of your own, all the while providing her with the information she needs to make an informed decision for her mother’s care. At the end of the call, Cathy is noticeably calmer and feels as though she has a plan of action. Congratulations: you’ve just created a positive experience, and in Cathy’s mind, your brand equals calming, reassuring, and empathetic.

These tips can help you create memorable brand experiences that will win loyal customers:

  1. Know your customer. To make a memorable experience, you have to know who your client base is and what they need. What are they feeling when they reach out to you for services? What do they need? What matters to them? What problems do they have that you can solve?
  2. Keep it simple. The search for home care, and likely the events that have led up to that search, are already complicated and emotional. Don’t overcomplicate their experience with your brand. Provide straightforward information and always provide a way to contact a person on your team if needed.
  3. Connect emotionally. Emotional connection is at the heart of all great brand experiences. It’s why we cry at those sappy commercials during the holidays and it’s why Cathy, from our previous example, ended her call calm and satisfied. If you can make your target audience feel something, you can get them to connect with your brand.
  4. Keep your promises. When your brand promises something, it MUST follow through. Your brand is on a mission to earn clients’ trust, so do what you say you’re going to, period.
  5. Listen. Listen more than you talk and you’ll hear what your clients and community need. You’ll also learn how to make your services and provide better experiences.

Creating memorable brand experiences sets great brands apart from average brands, and helps build customer loyalty along the way. At corecubed, we help aging care businesses define and refine their brands so they can create amazing customer experiences. Contact us to learn how we can do the same for you.