Marketing Your Home Care Business: Telling Your Story in a Brand New Way

Marketing Home Care
Marketing Home Care

Corecubed’s home care and online marketing experts help agencies tell the story behind their brand.

Everyone loves a good story, whether it’s sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows, gathered around the dinner table, or snuggled under the covers with a sleepy toddler and a brightly colored board book.

At corecubed, we’re no different. We love to hear our clients’ stories – what inspired them to start their business, the history behind that “why,” and what motivates them to continue to work and grow that business each day. Each story is unique and priceless, and it’s our great honor to be able to take that story and transform it into a cohesive brand that will resonate with the intended target audience.

And it’s way more than simply putting words on a page and calling it a day. What our clients do is life-giving to people who have given a lot of their own lives to this world. It’s personal work, hard work, and meaningful work. It’s imperative that this story be captured in just the right way, with just the right emotion and professionalism enfolded in the language.

As home care agency owners, you already innately know the belief system behind your brand; you just may not have ever articulated it. Our job is to solidify and give voice to that belief system, and help both your internal team and the outside world understand how truly important your work is, and how passionate you are about doing it.

Those of us in the aging care industry are well aware that marketing home care is far different from marketing in any other industry. If we were trying to sell cupcakes, our tactic might be to share pictures of our decadent offerings in every possible channel and wait for the orders to come in. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And who might not be swayed to indulge in one right now if sufficiently tempted?

Home care, on the other hand, is an at-need service. The topics that surround the need for in-home care – aging, declining physical and/or mental abilities, decreased independence, etc. – are often hush-hush among families until there is an immediate need for action. In other words, no one wants to think about home care until they’re in a desperate situation and seeking immediate assistance. Marketing home care services requires time, persistence, and a targeted audience approach rather than a broad splash. And it requires careful wording by those with industry expertise to craft a message that threads an agency’s individual story with a sense of comfort and calm, reassuring families that the solution they’re seeking is to be found by partnering with your agency over the plethora of others flooding the market.

So, what’s your story? If you’d like help marketing your home care business, our marketing experts can polish and professionalize your story into a brand that truly personifies who you are and speaks to those in need of your services. Contact corecubed‘s home care online marketing team today at 800.370.6580.