How is Marketing Home Care Like Leading a Horse to Water?

In-Home Care Clients

How is Marketing Home Care Like Leading a Horse to Water?

Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. You can also do lots of fabulous marketing for a home care company, but, when the call comes into the office with expectations of warmth, courtesy, helpfulness and care … well, sometimes “testing” the service at that initial level fails.

Branding at its core is setting expectations for the service-client interaction. Branding is the feel someone gets when they read about a service or hear someone talk about it or find a website that seems to meet the specific needs of the researcher. So, filling out the inquiry form or calling the office are logical next steps. So, what happens if the calls are coming in, and the inquiries are flowing from the website but there are no client conversions?

You have to take the responsibility up the chain a little. Do a mystery call to your own office. Track how soon the call is answered, how courteous and helpful the staff is to your inquiry. See if they ask where you heard about the service. Note if they take your inquiry personally, and if they LISTEN first, ask questions, and then respond with how they can help.

And for follow-up: if you did not allow (assuming they tried to get an in-home assessment!) a visit for a personal assessment, is the information you received targeted to your specific issues? Was it timely? Was it professionally addressed and folded?

If they did well on all counts, then there may be another issue. Look at price. Look at the competition. Look at what you offer versus the others who are in your space. But, do not blame the marketing company if leads are not converted into sales. That responsibility falls squarely on the agency.

corecubed does have some specific manuals and teaching guides as to how to run a customer centric private duty agency on our sister website that serves as a Home Care Agency Marketplace: After all, there may be a better way to get more results, and isn’t that what we all want?