Top 10 Tech To-Dos of the Highly Successful Home Care Agency

The home care agency field is crowded, and to compete in today’s home care market, it’s important to stand out from the competition, not only baseupon the exceptional care you offer clients, but also by distinguishing yourself as a well-run agency. Being on the leading edge of technology can help you accomplish these goals by creating efficiencies that benefit both clients and caregivers. By harnessing the power and reach of basic tech tools and strategies, your agency can also utilize technology to identify and connect with potential clients, referral sources, and the public, broadening your audience and establishing your agency as a leader in the field. 

Because technology is so fluid, it’s challenging to evaluate and keep up with the best options for agencies, and where you can get the most bang for your buck.  

In looking at the tech tools that successful home care agencies utilize to stay ahead of the competition, we recommend implementing the following: 

Top Tech ToDos 

  1. Have a website. Without a website you are missing the opportunity to connect with potential clients. Having a well-designed, easytonavigate and mobileresponsive site is key to increasing visits to your site and keeping visitors on your site longer.
  2. Implement an ongoing SEO and SEM strategy. Search engine optimization, or SEO, and search engine marketing, or SEM, are the vehicles by which you can impact the traffic on your agency’s website. These strategies, and employing the use of keywords throughout your site, all work together to increase organic and paid ranking in search.
  3. Website security and maintenance. When building a website, or when upgrading a site, it’s recommended that the site be HTTPS, which encrypts data, providing users with increased privacy and securityKeeping website plugins up-to-date decreasevulnerabilities and helps prevent viruses and/or hacking. 
  4. Online review request management. Asking clients, caregivers, or former clients to provide reviews of your agency is an effective way to establish a stellar reputation within the home care field. Utilize software to manage reviews, and feature positive reviews on your website.
  5. Showcase testimonials and customer satisfaction scores on your website. If your agency has received an award or recognition, showcase those accomplishments prominently on your website.
  6. Content – essential to SEO/search engine ranking. Creating a steady flow of content that is original to your site is key to increasing your agency’s rank in search. The unique content can be published on your agency’s blog, and can be repurposed in brochures, flyers, and other marketing pieces.
  7. Use social media to share owned content that leads back to your website. High quality, educational content that is published on your agency’s website and then posted on social media channels helps disseminate important messages with a targeted audience, driving readers back to your website.
  8. Email marketing automation, or nurture campaigns. Committing to consistently publishing an enewsletter that provides helpful, educational content keeps your agency top of mind and establishes you as a knowledgeable, reliable resource for families exploring home care options.
  9. Automate operational processes. Software systems that are designed specifically for the home care industry can help agencies run more efficiently. Opportunities include: online training for staff; client/caregiver satisfaction surveys; CRM to help plan, create and monitor a workable sales plan; EVV, or electronic visit verification, providing optimum control of a fluid workforce; and website portals that provide families with information on their loved ones and the option to split monthly payments.
  10. Initiate caregiver recruitment online. Today’s workforce is motivated by a desire to make a difference. Go beyond simply explaining the job duties in your recruitment posts. Rather,  explain the passion behind your agency and how caregivers impact the lives of clients and families. Have a concise, easy-to-use online employment application available on your agency’s website and post jobs on social media, LinkedIn,,, and other similar online recruitment sites. 

To learn more about the tech to-dos of highly successful home care agencies, watch our full webcast and reach out to corecubed to find out how our team of private duty marketing experts can implement a tech strategy that will help grow your business. By following these and other best practices, and with a continued commitment to offering compassionate, reliable care at homeyour agency will stand out from the competition.