The Power of Personal Stories in Home Care Marketing

How to Use Personal Stories in Home Care Marketing

  Think back to a time when you needed to choose a service provider to help you with a sensitive situation. Perhaps it was a healthcare provider. You likely placed a high value on hearing encouraging stories from others who have used that provider or hearing the provider talk about how they’ve helped others in your circumstance. The same is … Read More

How Can You Overcome Objections to the Price of Home Care?

How Can You Overcome Objections to the Price of Home Care?

When potential clients call looking for home care services, cost is often a key factor in their decision-making process. Consumers want to know that they’re getting the best value for their purchases, and a quality service or product can help them overlook a higher price. How do we overcome the price objection? It’s crucial for your home care agency to … Read More

Listen and Learn: Benefits of Recording Your Inquiry Calls

Listen and Learn: Benefits of Recording Your Inquiry Calls

“This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.” It’s a line we’ve all heard when on hold with customer service. In fact, we’ve heard it so much that we may never have thought twice about what it actually means for a company. But recording inquiry calls can reveal a wealth of valuable information. Is your company listening in … Read More

Designing With User Emotions In Mind to Market Home Care

Designing With User Emotions in Mind to Market Home Care

Searching for home care for aging parents or an older loved one can be an emotional and taxing undertaking. Individuals often become aware that a family member requires the help of a home care agency or an in‑home caregiver after a trip to the hospital or a chronic health diagnosis, which can add stress, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed. … Read More

What Apple’s iOS14.5 Means for Marketing Home Care Ads on Facebook

If you’re an iPhone user, chances are that by now you’ve received a notification or heard about Apple’s latest update, iOS14.5, which was released in late April after several weeks of anticipation from the digital marketing communities. While iOS14.5 prioritizes helpful new ways to experience some of the iPhone’s most popular applications and features, the spotlight has shone brightly on … Read More

Increase Client Conversion Rates in Home Care Advertising with Warm Messaging

Imagine yourself walking into a bank. Your heels tap across the tile floor, echoing with each step. You approach the teller, shielded from you by thick, bulletproof plexiglass. You explain the transaction and slip your paperwork across the cavernous countertop, along with the appropriate ID. The interaction is completed in a transactional manner, and you’re on your way. Now contrast … Read More

Changes in the Home Care Industry Provide Opportunities for Growth

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Paul Kusserow is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Amedisys, the largest independent provider of home health, hospice and personal care services in the United States. As an industry veteran, Kusserow recognizes the growing pains and opportunities associated with change in the home health industry. Kusserow highlights two changes in the home health industry: one, the introduction of patient … Read More