What Apple’s iOS14.5 Means for Marketing Home Care Ads on Facebook

Learn how the latest Apple update will impact your agency’s Facebook ads.

If you’re an iPhone user, chances are that by now you’ve received a notification or heard about Apple’s latest update, iOS14.5, which was released in late April after several weeks of anticipation from the digital marketing communities. While iOS14.5 prioritizes helpful new ways to experience some of the iPhone’s most popular applications and features, the spotlight has shone brightly on one component in particular: Privacy.

As a new privacy framework, Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency, or ATT, requires user authorization to collect and share data across websites and apps. This means that platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram must request permission before tracking data from a mobile device — and ATT makes it much easier for users to decline. With the simple tap of a button on a permission-to-track prompt, users can opt out of tracking and protect their data. While ATT can be seen as a huge win for privacy, it comes at a cost, especially for Facebook advertisers.

Measurement and Reporting

With an easy way to opt out of activity tracking, it becomes increasingly difficult for mobile advertisers to measure user behaviors. It’s estimated that many Apple users will decline Facebook activity tracking permissions, which will look like less people are engaging with Facebook ads. However, it’s predicted that as privacy updates like iOS14.5 become the new normal, improved and creative ways will be developed to gauge accurate measurements of user engagement.

Audience Targeting

With fewer Facebook users opting in to activity tracking, the current modes of targeting audiences may become more limited. While this is particularly relevant to conversion strategies, it’s expected that all Facebook advertisers will gather less data for ad placement, creating challenges for ad optimization. Additionally, if users out of app tracking, they’ll no longer see targeted ads based on their data.

What We’re Doing

For many digital advertisers, including those in the business of marketing home care, pivoting strategies is a critical step for success. With the rollout of iOS14.5 and future policies like it, we are consistently monitoring for updates and shifting our focus to meet the demands of the ever-changing digital landscape. One of the ways we’re working with these updates is by providing the highest quality content possible.

Even if complete Facebook user data is more challenging to obtain, one thing is still certain: content is king. The top recommendation for handling the challenges iOS14.5 brings to any Facebook advertiser’s table is to focus on a consistent and creative content strategy. With highly creative content, you can expect users to continue engaging with your brand, even when the additional help of Facebook tracking is limited.

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