Asking People What They Think About Your Home Care Business: Not a Cake Walk, But Full of Rich Rewards

home care marketing

home care marketingRecently, one of our staff members ordered a child’s birthday cake from a small, local bakery, requesting a dinosaur theme. Imagine her delight upon picking up the perfectly designed cake, and discovering that the baker had also included a dinosaur cupcake and small toy for the child at no charge, explaining her own son’s shared love of dinosaurs.

Of course, with such thoughtful, personalized service that went above and beyond her expectations, the staff member shared her experience with her family and friends, posted pictures on social media, and left a glowing online review for the bakery. Wouldn’t you?

Marketing Home Care: The Power of Online Reviews

Reviews from consumers are crucially important in today’s age of the Internet, whether a business is selling widgets, baking cakes, or marketing home care services. Consider these revealing statistics:

  • A whopping 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Consumer reviews are 12 times more trusted than manufacturer ads
  • Consumers spend 31% more on businesses with excellent reviews
  • 72% of consumers trust businesses with positive reviews
  • For each review star a business receives, an approximate 5 – 9% increase in business revenue is realized

As crucial as online reviews are to home care agency reputation and business growth, there is, of course, a downside: the risk of receiving negative reviews. That’s why the private duty marketing specialists at corecubed offer a progressive, affordable new service, called RISE (Reputation Improved, SEO Enhanced), that works this way:

  • You hand select exactly who you want us to ask to review your agency. Send us a simple list of names and emails of ONLY people with whom you have a positive relationship: clients, family members of clients, employees, professional partners, and referral sources, or all of the above. Leave off anyone who might have a generally bad attitude or potentially negative feedback.
  • We send a short, professional email from your agency asking if the recipient would please take a moment to leave your company a review using a 5-star system.
  • Anyone who rates your agency with 4- or 5-star review is automatically walked through the process of leaving the review online at the sites you choose, such as Google, Facebook, and This increases your chances of getting positive online reviews. Most agencies make the mistake of just waiting for good reviews to come in instead of asking for them and walking people through the process.
  • Anyone who rates your agency lower than 4 stars DOES NOT receive the prompt to leave his or her review online, and you get an email notification of the lower rating so you can work to improve the relationship.

With RISE, it’s easy for busy home care agency owners and operators to encourage online ratings and generate better customer feedback – and, to proactively address any negative reviews well before they’re published online.

Third Party Satisfaction Measurement

In addition to acquiring online reviews for your agency, another way to enhance your agency’s reputation is through third party satisfaction measurement, which provides proof of credibility and trust – two elements that are critical for families considering in-home care services.

Home Care Pulse offers a stellar third party client and caregiver satisfaction measurement service for home care agencies with multifaceted benefits:

  • Provides your agency with a way to align with referral partners in the medical community who are familiar with the satisfaction measurement system that’s been in place for years in the health care industry
  • Provides objective data that’s useful for setting and achieving goals and to include in testimonials on your home care agency marketing materials such as on your agency’s website and brochure, as well as in recruiting efforts
  • Provides the opportunity to advance through levels of award designations such as Provider of Choice, Employer of Choice, Leader in Excellence, and more that you can use in your home care agency marketing materials to show clients, potential clients, and referral sources that your agency is dedicated to high quality

At corecubed, we love sharing marketing strategies for home care agencies that bring results, such as through the implementation of online reviews and third party satisfaction measurement. Contact us at 800.370.6580 x1 to speak with one of our private duty marketing specialists to learn how we can help your agency grow!