Attract Attention with Home Care SEO & PPC Services

If a senior, family member or referral source were to search online for home care services in your area, would they find your agency? And if they did, would your website interest and engage them enough to contact you for more information?

In the highly competitive online market, you need, not just a few good home care marketing ideas, but a website that search engines will find AND like. Websites written and designed to meet the needs and expectations of search engines are favorably placed at the top of search pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising are essential in ensuring that your website reaches potential clients and referral sources in their time of need.

However, an effective SEO strategy is not as simple as waving a magic wand and being done with it; rather, SEO is an effort that requires ongoing maintenance. 

SEO Client Case Studies

Our home care SEO clients have seen significant improvements in organic traffic, conversions, page views, and more after working with our marketing experts. We compiled case studies from three of our SEO clients to showcase just how much our strategy can boost your SEO.

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Increase Organic Search Traffic to Your Website

corecubed SEO statsMonthly SEO services can improve how many visits your website is receiving from people using search engines to find your services. The corecubed SEO experts have helped a number of home care and aging care clients improve their onsite SEO, meta data, and linkbuilding strategies and increase organic search traffic. One of our aging care clients saw a 156% increase in organic search traffic between 2014 – 2015 with our strategic SEO plan. Contact the corecubed home care marketing team today to learn how a dedicated SEO strategy can help your business get found online and increase home care sales.

What Clients Say About Our Home Care SEO Services

Content Marketing that Moves Care Conversations Forward

There are many important conversations taking place in the home care industry. Often the conversation begins with a family caregiver asking, “Does my parent need care?” and evolves to, “Where can I find the right care?” As a home care provider, it’s important to move those conversations forward through your marketing efforts. At corecubed, our home care content marketing specialists help you reach out and talk to potential clients and referral sources with informative, educational content that offers unique value.

With our home care marketing experience and industry expertise, we help your agency create a library of content that will attract, engage, educate, convert, and even entertain your client base.

Our content marketing services include:

  • Content Strategy
  • Blogging
  • eNewsletters
  • Website Copywriting
  • Consumer Sales Tools
  • Referral Source Sales Tools
  • Presentations
  • Social Media Promotion and Management
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • Press Releases
  • Print Production
  • Direct Mail
  • Online Resources
  • Infographics
  • Graphic Design
  • Video
  • And More

They say, “Write what you know.” And at corecubed, we know home care! Ready to join the conversation and start marketing your home care services with creative, engaging content? Call us at 800.370.6580 x1 or fill out our contact form to get started marketing your home care agency today.

Home Care Mystery Shopping

Doing intake calls and securing new clients is vital for the growth of a home agency, which means that the client experience must be stellar from the very first interaction. If you've ever wondered how your agency's intake process stacks up against your competition, corecubed's mystery shopping services can help. We offer:

  • Mystery shopping of up to 5 home care competitors in your area
  • A detailed overview of each competitors intake process based on our calls
  • Mystery shopping call of your agency to evaluate and compare your own intake process

Mastering the intake call process not only helps home care agencies increase their new client intake, it can also improve the perception and reputation of the agency within the community. Our mystery shoppers can help agencies get a better understanding of how other agencies operate during intake calls and where their own intake specialists can improve. When it comes to home care industry marketing and sales, the corecubed team has the knowledge and experience to help agencies reach higher, improve sales, and get results. Contact corecubed today to learn more about our home care marketing and sales services or to schedule mystery shopping services for your agency.

Home Care Websites That Work

Create a Website that Gets Results

The first step in the web project process is design. Please fill out our web design questionnaire to give our team a better idea of your design needs.

Extend Brand Quality & Keep Users Safe with Regular Website Maintenance

Every business today needs to be actively involved in doing business on the Internet, and every business today wants a positive consumer experience when a visitor arrives on the business website. But have you looked under the hood lately?

Routine website maintenance is imperative in today’s web-based world of commerce. Keeping a business website well maintained is also a vital part of your marketing strategy because:

Regular website maintenance protects against hackers:

  • Outdated software allows more potential for hackers to exploit known vulnerabilities within a site.
  • An up-to-date software version helps thwart the hackers. 
  • A good, reliable, recent backup serves as a safety net when there is a disaster or a hack.

Let us know if you are interested in any of our WordPress Maintenance & Support services. Call us at 800.370.6580 x1 or fill out our contact form to get started marketing your business today.

Home Care Reputation Management

Customer reviews are becoming an increasingly important aspect of successful marketing strategies. In fact, 92% of consumers now read online reviews, and a star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business. But, as a busy business owner, how can you encourage customers to rate your business in an online review site?

Get Better Faster Online Reviews for Your Agency

Reputation ManagementRISE (Reputation Improved SEO Enhanced) is corecubed’s new reputation management system that helps busy home care business owners generate customer feedback and turn that feedback into positive online reviews that will improve your agency’s reputation and enhance search engine optimization for your website.

Ready to RISE to the challenge and increase your agency's online reviews? Call us at 800.370.6580 x1 or fill out our contact form to learn more about how RISE can improve your business today.

Build a Better Home Care Brand

Your brand is the story you want people to have in mind when they think of your business, and it informs all aspects of your marketing, sales, and human resources. Home care agency owners already innately know the story and belief system behind their brand, but they’ve often never articulated it. corecubed's home care marketing and sales experts help agencies solidify and give voice to that story, and help both their internal team and the outside world understand how truly important their work is, and how passionate they are about doing it.

Our branding and design services include:

  • Mission/vision/positioning statement creation
  • Tagline conception and development
  • Brand identity development to differentiate your business from the competition and elevate your presence
  • Brand messaging development to be carried through in all communications
  • Logo improvement and modernization
  • Brochures, letterhead, business cards, folders, banners
  • Online reputation management
  • Mystery shopping to see if your staff understand your brand and know how to sell it
  • Adding your brand messaging to your recruitment and training materials
  • And more

When it comes to telling your story and selling your home care services, a strong brand platform is essential. corecubed's home care marketing and sales professionals can help your agency reach its true branding potential. Call us at 800.370.6580 x1 or fill out our contact form and let us help you find the heart of your story.

MOST and Market Home Care

Marketing home care, selling your services, and increasing profitability are all much simpler if you have the right tools and are ready to go the distance. At corecubed we create the home care sales and marketing tools you need to get the results you want. Our decades of designing, developing and delivering results-driven, award-winning projects targeted at the home care industry has helped us better craft products that streamline and simplify marketing and sales for today’s busy agencies.

Today, corecubed offers several specialized sales and marketing products that are designed to meet your needs and facilitate growth.

MOST: An Exclusive Home Care Agency Marketing Membership Program

MOST home health care marketing solutions

Searching for a cost-effective, comprehensive marketing solution? Join our exclusive MOST membership program, and access an online library full of sales, recruitment, design and marketing materials that are just waiting to be personalized and branded for your home care agency.  All materials are created by corecubed's team of home care and home health experts. Learn more.

What Clients Say About Our MOST Program


Market Home Care

Market Home Care

At corecubed, we’re not just home care marketers, we’ve been on the business side as well, and we know what agency owners and operators need in order to run a successful company. Our Market Home Care online store offers a myriad of forms and sales and marketing materials created by our home care experts. From efficient inquiry forms to a turnkey private duty business manual, you’ll find all your home care business solutions here in easy to access formats. Learn more.

Trying to find the right home care sales and marketing tools to meet your agency’s needs? Contact the corecubed team today! Our industry experts will be happy to fill you in on all the ways we can boost your marketing efforts and improve your sales strategy.