If a senior, family member or referral source were to search online for home care services in your area, would they find your agency? And if they did, would your website interest and engage them enough to contact you for more information?

As a certified Google Partner, we at corecubed are experts in understanding the intricacies involved in ensuring our clients’ websites are found by search engines. Achieving Google Partner status means we have:

  • Demonstrated Google Ads skill and expertise
  • Met Google Ad spend requirements
  • Delivered company agency and client revenue growth
  • And sustained and grown our client base.

Additionally, our websites are written and designed to meet the needs and expectations of search engines, enhancing the potential to be favorably placed at the top of search pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising are essential in ensuring that your website reaches potential clients and referral sources in their time of need.

However, an effective SEO strategy is not as simple as waving a magic wand and being done with it; rather, SEO is an effort that requires ongoing maintenance. 

SEO Client Case Studies

Our home care SEO clients have seen significant improvements in organic traffic, conversions, page views, and more after working with our marketing experts. We compiled case studies from three of our SEO clients to showcase just how much our strategy can boost your SEO.

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Increase Organic Search Traffic to Your Website

corecubed SEO statsMonthly SEO services can improve how many visits your website is receiving from people using search engines to find your services. The corecubed SEO experts have helped a number of home care and aging care clients improve their onsite SEO, meta data, and linkbuilding strategies and increase organic search traffic. One of our aging care clients saw a 156% increase in organic search traffic between 2014 – 2015 with our strategic SEO plan. Contact the corecubed home care marketing team today to learn how a dedicated SEO strategy can help your business get found online and increase home care sales.

What Clients Say About Our Home Care SEO and Website Maintenance Services

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