Why Warm Messaging Matters in Home Care Marketing

Why Warm Messaging Matters in Home Care Marketing
Why Warm Messaging Matters in Home Care Marketing

Discover how to weave warm messaging into your senior care marketing campaign and get results.

In the heart of winter, most of us long for warmth. We cozy up with blankets, don fuzzy sweaters, or snuggle by a fire. These things make us feel comfortable during what can be a harsh time of year. Those seeking care for a senior loved one are going through a similarly tough period. Most have struggled to provide care themselves on top of maintaining their own families, workloads, and personal lives. The stress and isolation of caregiving can oftentimes feel like the frigid winds of winter, and family caregivers who are reaching out for help aren’t looking for a stark, businesslike response. They’re looking for warmth.

What Is “Warmth” in Home Care Marketing?

Home care is an extremely personal service, and it requires a personal connection. Clients —those who will be receiving care — are often reluctant to accept help in their homes from “strangers” in the first place. While family caregivers — often those doing the search for care services — are desperate to find an agency that will treat their loved ones like a family member. That’s why for home care agencies, building a trusting relationship is key right from the very first interaction. And that trust is best built by incorporating warmth into every aspect of your marketing.

We know warmth when we feel it, but what about when we read it? Conveying warmth in your marketing is about authenticity and empathy. In every aspect of your messaging, your agency’s personality, values, and spirit should shine through. Additionally, you should be keenly sensitive to what those searching for your services are going through. Here are some important steps to take to make your marketing feel warmer and more inviting to potential clients:

    • Share your agency’s story. When people are searching for home care for a loved one, or for themselves, they want to know who it is they’re inviting into their homes. It is comforting to know the story of how an agency got started.
      • Did you find this line of work after caring for loved ones of your own?
      • Have you always been drawn toward helping others?
      • What drives your passion to help seniors continue to live their best lives at home?
  • The story of how your agency got started gives clients a better idea of who you are, how much you can relate to them, and how they can expect their care to feel. Include an About Us page on your website, speak briefly of your story on brochures, and don’t forget to share it on intake calls when appropriate to help potential clients feel as though they’ve landed in caring and capable hands.
  • Make it personal. Possibly the biggest thing that family caregivers need to know is that their loved ones will be treated as unique individuals, and not be lumped in with all their other clients.
    • Emphasizing in your marketing materials that your care isn’t “one-size-fits-all.” Explain that your services can be customized to fit each person’s unique needs and preferences and that they are flexible as care needs change.
    • When speaking with clients on the phone, record personal details that the caller shares, and use the senior’s name in your conversation to reinforce that personal feel.
    • When appropriate and always with permission, share stories of successful client/caregiver relationships either in your blog or on social media. For example, you could share a story of how you matched a client with a caregiver because they shared a love of board games, and share a picture of the two of them playing Monopoly together. This shows clients how much you care about getting the care right.
  • Emphasize quality. Invariably, the question, “What if we want a different caregiver?” will arise at some point. Reassure the caller that your care team is comprised of fully trained, caring professionals, and you will work hard to match a caregiver who will be a perfect fit. Let the caller know that your agency welcomes feedback at all times: positive feedback so that caregivers can be rewarded, as well as any problems, which will be promptly resolved.
  • Highlight safety. More than anything, family caregivers want their senior loved ones to feel safe. That means a big part of your messaging should emanate a sense of security. Showcase your caregivers’ qualifications as well as your hiring practices to assure clients that you understand the concerns of inviting a caregiver into the home and that you’re taking steps to ensure safety and security for everyone in the care equation.

Make It Shine

The right messaging is key in the highly competitive home care industry. The ability to convey warmth can help an agency attract new clients and keep existing ones. Need help crafting the right messaging for your home care marketing efforts? Contact the senior care marketing experts at corecubed at 800.370.6580 to learn more about how we can help you create a marketing campaign that exudes warmth and professionalism.