Resources to Help Home Care Agencies Adapt To COVID-19

home care marketing plan

Make these resources part of your home care marketing plan to help your agency navigate COVID-19.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to dominate the healthcare landscape, and with increased awareness around the essential services home care companies provide, it’s important for home care agencies to position themselves as local leaders who are equipped and prepared to keep both clients and caregivers safe. Being ready to adapt to COVID-19 starts with gathering reliable information. 

To help in this endeavor, we’ve compiled the following trusted resources that your agency can incorporate into your home care marketing plan: 

How a home care agency can assist people recovering from COVID-19  

  • Caring for COVID-19 Positive Clients at Home. This CDC guide provides information and best practices for caring for people in a non-healthcare setting who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  
  • Safety Guidelines for Clients. For COVID-19 positive home care clients, this resource outlines the steps necessary to limit the exposure of other family members, including family caregivers.  
  • Client Care. This resource offers tips that can help make COVID-19 recovery at home more comfortable, symptom management recommendations, and signs to watch for that may indicate medical intervention is necessary.  

Agency resources  

 COVID-19 ready caregiver certification 

  • Nextstep. Nextstep offers a COVID-19 caregiver certification program built for CNAs, home care workers, family caregivers, RNs, and others. Led by a University of Washington physician faculty member, this online course is developed especially for frontline workforces. 
  • CareAcademy. This 60-minute online class is aimed at direct care workers and provides guidance about face coverings, PPE, and household cleaning and disinfecting. 
  • Homecare Pulse. This online course provides an overview of the novel coronavirus, signs, and symptoms of COVID-19, infection control precautions and steps to take if a client begins to show symptoms of COVID-19, providing one hour of CE credit. 
  • CHAP. CHAP offers a wide variety of downloadable resources on topics related to the pandemic.    

Dementia and chronic disease management 

General, up-to-date information 

These organizations are on the frontlines, providing continually updated, scientifically vetted information at the national, state, and local levels.  

Infection control and cleaning 

Coping/mental health 

  • CDC Guide to Coping with Stress. These resources for healthcare personnel and first responders detail how to cope with stress, anxiety, and fear during the pandemic.  

Emergency preparedness  

  • American Red Cross. The American Red Cross shares resources to help prepare for natural disasters during the pandemic.  

Community resources 

  • National Council on Aging. These community-specific resources help seniors who need food, assistance paying bills, help with Medicare, or who are struggling with isolation.  

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