Improve SEO for Home Care with These Expert Tips

“#Rank #1 – Guaranteed! Triple Your Website Traffic in 10 Days!”  

If you’ve ever seen unrealistic SEO tactic promises such as these, run the other way, fast! Effective SEO for home care requires specific expertise and strategy – not false promises. Our team of elder care marketing and SEO experts has compiled the information you need to make the best decisions for your agency.

Q:  What expectations should an agency have when starting an SEO campaign?

A: SEO is not a cure–all for marketing efforts; instead, it’s one part of the bigger picture. SEO is designed to drive qualified leads – the right people at the right time – to your agency’s website. Once they arrive on your site, SEO can’t control whether those people call you or submit a contact form. A user–friendly, well–organized website design can ensure people are engaged and interested enough to read through content and submit their contact information, or pick up the phone to call.

Q: Is SEO a long-term commitment? Is SEO work ever complete?

A: Yes, and absolutely not. SEO offers no guarantees. Some benefits may start to be realized, but then Google will introduce a new algorithm that throws everything off. Performing SEO well is a full-time responsibility. Because of this, it’s crucial to work with SEO experts with specific expertise in the aging care industry, like those at MOST. Our SEO team members hold degrees in digital marketing from accredited universities, and have also achieved multiple Google certifications. Our team lives and breathes SEO for home care, and we’re constantly on top of Google updates, industry changes, and more.

Q: How soon can I expect to see results after an SEO strategy begins?

A: It may take several months to see if your SEO strategy is working well for your website. Organic traffic is the top driver of qualified traffic on websites because it captures people as they’re searching for a solution to a problem they’re facing. Developing and implementing a comprehensive home care SEO strategy involves researching keywords and competitors; it isn’t as easy as just flipping a switch. Setting yourself up for success requires time and consistent effort.

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