How to Write Caregiver Job Ads That Bring in More Applicants

There is not a home care agency in the country that isn’t feeling the current employment crisis. The hyper competitive caregiver job market means agencies are spending more time and resources to recruit and hire caregivers to meet client demand. So, how do you make sure that the time, effort and money you spend, in particular on caregiver job ads, gets the results you need?

Ensure that what you are saying and communicating captures the attention of job seekers. It’s a concept that’s often easier said than done, but corecubed’s experienced home care marketers can help you say just the right thing to spark interest. Contact our team to get help writing caregiver job ads that get results.

While most of us know that high-quality content is vital in today’s consumer marketing landscape, that doesn’t always translate to a company’s job ads. Now more than ever, job descriptions need to be just as polished as the content you put on your website and social media pages. Whether you’re using Indeed or Facebook to advertise your open positions, your job ads should represent your agency’s brand and draw in your audience with compelling content.

Here’s the rundown of what to do (and what to avoid) in writing content to get them to hit the “apply now” button.

Use Caregiver Reviews and Feedback to Write Better Job Ads

To attract the kind of caregivers you want to hire, you need to think like the kind of caregivers you want to hire. One great way to get inside the minds of caregivers is by reading the comments they’ve left about their past employers. What did they especially appreciate in their role? What were their pain points? Look for commonalities in comments, and use them in your job posting content. For instance, you may notice a trend of complaints about caregivers feeling unappreciated. In that case, start off your job ad text with something like, “Want to work for a company that truly values you?”

Avoid the “Rock Star” Treatment

Looking for a caregiving “rock star?” Need an Alzheimer’s “guru?” These buzz words are overused in job descriptions with the intent of being flattering and sparking interest with potential candidates. However, they have started to have the opposite effect and can turn off potential candidates, particularly women. These words also don’t speak to the needs of most home care agencies who rely on kind, compassionate, and proactive team members to meet the needs of their clients.

Add Appeal with Relevant Details

Today’s workforce understands that most jobs involve “multitasking.” They know if a position requires someone to be a “professional” or “detail-oriented.” These overused terms have become cliches for applicants. Instead, focus on what the job actually entails – meeting the care needs of multiple clients, the ability to write or enter detailed daily care notes into a software system, developing long-term relationships with clients, planning and preparing meals, driving clients to appointments, etc. This gives potential candidates an idea of the true scope of the position and weeds out those who may be “detail-oriented” in some ways, but not in the ways you’re looking for.

Know Who You Are as an Agency and What You Need

The first thing an agency or hiring manager should do is assess your company’s needs.

  • Are you looking to fill immediate vacancies?
  • Wanting to build a larger talent pool?
  • What does your ideal candidate look like?
  • Where can you best reach them?
  • How do they communicate?

Understanding your company’s needs, what types of candidates you’re trying to reach, and how you can reach them will help you better target the job seekers you want. After you have a deep understanding of your measure of success, evaluate if your job language appeals specifically to your target audience and identify opportunities to provide either more or less details to meet your goal. For instance, if you are looking to fill immediate vacancies, your job headline may read “Apply today and get paid this week.”

Keep It Simple

With a wide range of options to choose from, today’s job seekers aren’t going to sift through an overly wordy job ad or fill out an overly complicated or lengthy application. Avoid listing off every single job requirement. A laundry list of requirements and “nice-to-haves” can scare away potential candidates. Instead, stick to the most relevant requirements. What skills do you absolutely want new employees to have? These carry the most weight and will help you narrow down qualified individuals.

What’s in It for Them?

Every job seeker is looking for an opportunity that is better than the one they are leaving. That could mean higher pay, better health insurance, flexibility, more fulfilling work, etc. Let potential applicants know what benefits your company offers – both common ones, like health insurance, and uncommon ones, like ongoing training or the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. Survey your current employees to ask them what benefits they appreciate most and what they feel potential employees should know about what your agency has to offer, then make sure to incorporate that information into your job ads. Often, learning what your current employees value can be most beneficial in attracting others who have similar values and work ethics.

Get Content That Builds a Stronger Team

Creating engaging content that attracts potential clients is essential for home care agencies. But it is just as important, if not more so in today’s caregiver job market, to use that content to attract employees. At corecubed, we help agencies use the power of content to build a strong client base as well as strong teams made up of people who are passionate about caregiving and want to serve your clients well. With expertise and success in creating Google recruitment ads, Facebook job ads, enhancing job site profiles, optimizing websites for recruitment, performance, and more, we make your recruitment efforts pay off.

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