Using Google Ads to Market Home Care

Using Google Ads to Market Home Care

Type any inquiry into Google and you will be instantly inundated with thousands of search results. The goal for any business is to be found by potential customers by appearing as high as possible in search results. For home care companies, this pairs consumers actively looking for home care with agencies that offer those services. In this competitive industry, how to market your services through home care ads is a race to see which company can rank the highest. One way to gain an advantage in that race is through PPC, or pay-per-click advertising via Google Ads.

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC is a form of internet advertising that allows companies to pay a monthly fee to place ads on a search platform like Google. The company pays the search platform only when the ads are clicked. Google Ads are Google’s version of PPC ads and they look fairly similar to the rest of the search results presented.

However, Google Ads are the first results seen by consumers because they appear at the top of each page before any local or organic listings. Like unpaid search results, Google Ads contain a headline, a description and a URL. The biggest differentiator, other than placement, is that a Google Ads search result is distinguished by the word “Ad” appearing before the URL of the business.

They also can include additional links or information about the services your company offers. Google Ads are targeted to show in search results based upon the key word(s) a consumer, or searcher, types into the search bar of the browser. The goal of Google Ads is to lead people to a business’s website where they can take a specific action that is far more valuable than the cost of the PPC ad.

The Role of Google Ads in Home Care Marketing

In any crowded industry or market, it’s important to distinguish your business from the competition. Home care ads are one component of a comprehensive marketing plan that can help increase the qualified leads that connect with your company. Home care agencies can target Google Ads to one or both of the following audiences:

  • Consumers – individuals who are actively searching for home care services for a loved one or themselves
  • Job seekers – individuals who are actively searching for employment

For both of these audiences, the goal is to let people know, through targeted search results, that your agency is the highest quality local option that they should consider to meet their needs.

How Do Google Ads Work?

When a consumer enters a search term into Google (or another search engine), an instantaneous auction is triggered where businesses that are interested in showing ads, based upon the search terms used and the location of the searcher, compete for the top search result spots. The quality of the ad and the bid amount are just two of the factors that determine which advertiser and which ads appear on the search engine results page (SERP).

Businesses use Google Ads to set up PPC campaigns that contain relevant, local keywords, bid amounts, and ad copy in order to compete in these auctions. Google Ad campaigns can be segmented by specific goals and can target specific audiences. In doing so, home care agencies can ensure that their advertising dollars are being directed towards qualified people who are searching for services and/or opportunities that match the agency’s offerings. Because of the specialized nature of Google Ad campaigns, partnering with a company like corecubed, who is a certified Google Partner and specializes in marketing for in-home care providers, is important in order to maximize your investment.

What Makes a Successful Google Ads Campaign for Home Care?

Successful Google Ads campaigns are part of a larger overall marketing strategy. Both PPC and SEO (search engine optimization) work together to bring more qualified traffic to your agency’s website. The experts at corecubed have decades of experience in the home care industry and know how to successfully set up, implement, and optimize Google Ad campaigns that will deliver results based upon your agency’s specific goals. This includes:

  • Identifying keywords and phrases that have significant search volume and that people are already using to search for home care services or employment opportunities
  • Targeting keywords that are specific to your agency’s service area and using long tail keywords which can be easier to rank for, i.e.: “home care in Austin” rather than simply “home care”
  • Researching and strategizing how your competition is performing in search results
  • Maximizing your return on investment with regular weekly campaign optimization and monthly analysis and progress reports
  • Implementing a negative keyword strategy to prevent your agency’s ad(s) from being shown for irrelevant search terms
  • Writing compelling home care ads that are relevant to the search terms your agency wants to rank for
  • Developing specific campaigns that target the audience(s) you’re looking to connect with

To maximize both success and investment, ideally PPC and SEO should be managed by the same agency. This ensures that any specific knowledge gained about your agency through the course of research can be utilized to benefit your overall marketing strategy.

The Benefits of PPC for Home Care Marketing

Including home care ads in your overall marketing strategy helps home care businesses get to the top of search results quicker than SEO alone. Because PPC and SEO work in tandem, PPC can be instrumental in keeping your agency at the top of relevant search results as well as creating another touch point for consumers searching for care. This means a continued stream of qualified consumers who are looking for home care services for a loved one and/or qualified applicants who are looking for career opportunities in the home care industry.

Investing in both PPC an SEO is an especially smart strategy for new home care agencies or new agency websites. Because it can take some time for Google to crawl your site and to then organically deliver your website pages as results in a search query, PPC ensures agencies have an edge over just relying on SEO alone.

If you are interested in learning more about how to market home care services effectively, and how PPC can fit into a comprehensive marketing strategy, reach out to the experts at corecubed today. Our search marketing team can help your agency rank higher and target specific audiences within set budgets.

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