Your Website Needs a Mechanic Too

home care website

home care website

So you bought a new car. Congratulations! Now, let’s see your lifetime guarantee. You know, the piece of paper you get when you buy a car that guarantees nothing will ever go wrong with it. Oh, you don’t have one of those? Well, there’s a reason for that.

When you buy a new car, you don’t buy it thinking nothing will go wrong; you buy it because you need it. Then, you care for it so it will last a long time. The same is true for your website. You have a website because marketing your home care agency in today’s digital world requires one, but it doesn’t come with guarantees.

Content Management System (CMS) websites (such as those that run on WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Joomla, etc.) are like cars: they need to have their oil changed, air filters changed, and fluids topped off every now and then. Except, instead of oil and air filters, plugins need updating, security holes need patching, etc. And occasionally, something on the site will break, and you’ll have to pay a “mechanic” to get under the hood and troubleshoot, and then pay to have it fixed. Otherwise, your site could get hijacked by viruses or hackers and leave you broken down on the side of Google highway.

HTML static sites that you just designed and left to sit are a thing of the past. New websites are dynamic and changes happen all the time. You MUST keep your site updated and maintained and pay attention to updates/security fixes that are released. Remember, there’s no AAA on the web! Keep your CMS site running smoothly. Contact the web mechanics at corecubed to sign up for our WordPress maintenance plan!