Winning Pinning Strategies for Pinterest

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Winning Pinning Strategies for Pinterest

With Pinterest growing in popularity, there are a lot of people trying to figure out how best to saddle this social media stallion. But there is no doubt they are having a lot of fun while doing that! As evidence, check out this humorous collection of other people’s pins.

Besides the fun factor, what else makes Pinterest so popular?  Many people love Pinterest because it’s like getting a whole bunch of magazines without adding clutter in your house and without the cost. There are also many great ideas and it’s all organized so you can easily access favorites anytime.

How do you make this love of Pinterest advantageous for your business?

There are specific strategies you can employ in order to promote your Pinterest account. Here are some primary Pinterest marketing strategies:

  • Repin: When you repin a picture from someone else’s Pinterest account to yours, that person receives an email notification of who repinned, thus increasing the likelihood that he/she will view your account and then your products and website.
  • Make comments: Similarly, when you comment on a pin on someone else’s account, they receive an email notification of who made a comment. An additional bonus is that the comment might catch the eye of other viewers and lead them to your account and website. NOTE: “Liking” any of the photos on a pinboard is not as helpful because there is no way for the Pinterest board owner to view the source of the ‘like”.
  • Follow others: Every time you follow an account, that person receives an email with a chance to also follow your account.
  • Cross promote social media accounts: Don’t miss out on adding links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts on your Pinterest profile, as well as a link to your website.
  • Take advantage of built-in SEO: The name you put in your Pinterest profile is considered your SEO title and is what will most likely come up in a search. Any additional keyword optimization for your profile will come from the names of your boards, so name them wisely!
  • Use hashtags: Similar to Twitter, Pinterest supports hashtags. Adding hashtags to your pinned pictures will assist in organization and increase the chances of being found in a search. For example, if you have a pinboard of exercise tips, tag each of the pinned photos with “#exercise tips”. When your pins are shared or repinned, they’ll carry your hashtags with them.

With these Pinterest marketing strategies, it is important to keep in mind that your Pinterest account should not be too overwhelmed with pins for your own products or services. Pinterest users are pretty savvy in spotting a board that is too self-serving and will be turned off by that approach. Instead, be sure to include pins from a variety of other websites or companies.

Interested in setting up a Pinterest account?

Just go to and follow the instructions to log in via your Facebook or Twitter account. Once your account is set up, test it out by pinning this blog to your new Pinterest account. Simply click the “Pin it” button below!

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