What’s the Word on the WordPress 3.6 Update?

WordPress Update

What’s the Word on the WordPress 3.6 Update?

WordPress is coming out with another update, and we want all our WordPress clients to be in the know about what this update entails. WordPress 3.6 will be released in early May, and its new features are focused heavily on making editing more user-friendly.

Wondering exactly what changes you can expect? Let’s take a look:

  • Menu Management: WordPress 3.6 will make creating and managing navigation menus much easier.
  • Blog Post Formats: A new user interface is coming to the WordPress blog post formats.
  • Auto Save: Posts will now be auto saved locally so if the browser crashes, the server goes down or your experience a loss of Internet connection, you will not lose the post and you will be able to resume editing the post right where you left off.
  • Post Revisions: Changes to posts in 3.6 will be highlighted so users can easily see the differences in each version.
  • Post Lock: Authors or website administrators will now be able to lock a post while editing to avoid duplicate edits made by multiple authors/admins.
  • Audio/Video: With 3.6, you’ll now be able to embed audio and video files into your posts without relying on a plug-in or a third party media hosting service.

Looks like some great new functionality for our favorite CMS! As always, we highly (seriously, HIGHLY) recommend that our WordPress clients keep their websites up to date with each new WordPress release in order to keep their sites fully functional and secure. Our web experts are on your side and can help whenever you need it. Contact us to schedule your WordPress maintenance today!