What is Going to Make Your Company Stand Out?

stand out

stand out

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a practical joker. I keep a rather extensive collection of realistic rubber bugs which every now and then find their way into cereal boxes or the flour jar or next to a pillow to be discovered upon waking. I’ve also used invisible tape to connect my boss’s phone receiver to its handle, mixed the special snot, ear wax and pepper Jelly Bellies into a regular batch and once switched all of my boyfriend’s toiletries and shaving materials with the contents of his fridge. I think my husband would admit – with a rather wry smile – that these activities help bring me attention I wouldn’t otherwise have received.

Although my unique qualities tend to label me as a little bit off key, when it comes to your business, celebrating what makes your business unique is what will help get you noticed and set you apart from the competition. Maybe you don’t know what sets you apart, or maybe you think you do, but really what you’re touting as unique is the same bread and butter that everyone else in your industry is touting.

In the marketing world, we call these unique qualities your “differentiating factors”. If you’ve been wondering how to get clients for your home care business, it’s time to nail down those factors and make sure your agency stands out. Have you looked at what your competitors are doing lately and compared to what your products and services are? Perhaps your differentiating factor isn’t something unique in your industry, but maybe you have a reputation for doing it better than anyone else. This can also be a differentiating factor.

I was watching a show on The Food Network the other day called “Cupcake Wars” and I think it quite simply demonstrates the importance of differentiating factors. The show features 4 cupcake chefs per episode who compete against each other to win the judge’s approval on their cupcake creations and take home the prize. Essentially you have four chefs who are working with the same basic product. What is going to set one apart from the rest? The winning chef will always be the one who has differentiated him or herself with a cupcake that is surprising, ingenious or just plain ridiculously delicious. Is your differentiating factor like this?…surprising, inventive or better than the rest?

Are you wondering how to get clients for your home care business? Perhaps now is the time to reassess your differentiating factor. It could be that your competitors have jumped onto your bandwagon and your messaging isn’t making the impact anymore that you’d like it to make. Let corecubed be your marketing partner to develop a refreshing solutions from a redesigned home care agency brochure to a sleek website that brings results. With a third party perspective, we’re experienced in pinpointing the qualities and services your company has to offer that will make you a giant among mere mortals.