What Does Your Home Care Blog Say About Your Agency?


What Does Your Home Care Blog Say About Your Agency?

If there’s one thing Google loves, it’s seeing a website with quality, regularly updated content. If you’ve done your SEO research, and we have, it’s not a secret that the better your content and the more active your website is socially, the higher it will rank in searches. Having a blog is one of the best ways to keep your site’s content current while also engaging followers and potential clients on social media. But is your home care blog saying the right things about your agency?

You Can’t Keep Up (And You Don’t Care)

Let’s be real; it’s tough to keep up with everything you have on your plate at your agency, so your blog probably gets pushed to the back burner more often than not. However, it’s important not to underestimate what an out of date blog says about your agency. When potential clients find you online, which, let’s face it, most of them do these days, your blog can give them a good insight into what kind of an agency you are. Your blog can show clients that you’re staying up on elder care issues, the latest care regulations, or community goings on. However, if your last blog post is about an Alzheimer’s walk you sponsored two years ago, your blog might be making your whole website feel like a ghost town.

You Don’t Know Your Target Market

Keeping a blog current doesn’t mean posting content just to have something to post. Your blog should speak to your market, and for home care, that’s primarily the adult children of seniors in need of care. This is probably the easiest part of blogging to get right. You know the issues your clients are facing. You get asked the same questions over and over again by family members of clients. You’ve got a wealth of blog material from which to pull, so don’t waste time talking about the new restaurant going in down the street or the latest gossip from the city council meeting. Stick to what your target market wants to know about home care and elder care.

You Can’t Even Use Spellcheck

Look, not every blogger needs an English degree, but misspellings and fragmented sentences make your blog look unprofessional. Use spellcheck at the very least, but also proofread each post before you publish. Trust me, it’s worth the time.

You Know Your Stuff

When done well and updated consistently, a blog makes the agency stand out as a knowledgeable community resource and can be a powerful source of senior care lead generation. “Want to know where to find the latest information about Alzheimer’s research and care? Check out this great home care blog!” “Need to know how to better balance your life with your caregiving duties? This home care blog had the best article!” These are the types of conversations you want people to have in regards to your blog and your agency.

Keeping up a home care blog takes work, but it’s work that will pay off in the long run when it comes to senior care lead generation. If you need help maintaining your blog or would like to add a blog to your site, corecubed‘s MOST home care marketing program can help! Check out all the wonderful marketing magic that MOST can do for your agency or contact corecubed Aging Care Marketing to learn more.