“We are getting 24% of our new clients directly from our website!”

Website Referrals

“We are getting 24% of our new clients directly from our website!”

Yes, this is a true testimonial from a long time client who has done marketing right by listening to corecubed and outsourcing his marketing to us. Fortunately for him, he joined the MOST program when it started in 2007. Additionally, he spent what he needed to spend on a website, and did not cut corners. We told him at that time that his website would soon become his most valuable marketing asset.

And, the 24% of new clients that he can track directly from his website, and converting to clients from there, is just a fraction of what actually happens, as many people are searching online for help when they need assistance in caring for an aging relative or friend.

“Why is he is so successful?” you might ask. He has followed the rules. Rather corecubed has followed the rules for him, and he listened to and followed our recommendations. We started with a clean, well designed site. He is a photographer as a hobby, so he included photos of his geographic location and himself and his wife, who is also in the business with him.

He has been adding content that is relevant to home care and questions that people have when they are seeking care. So, his site is chock full of relevant content, and he updates his content monthly. He blogs and he uses social media. He goes after and wins awards. He contributes to the local press and they, in turn, cover him and his business when appropriate. He then posts that coverage to his website so he is spreading the coverage to his span of influence as well as the media spreads to their span of influence.

In short, he started with a good basis and has built on that basis over time. He keeps his website updated, cleans it up, maintains it, and adds to it.
Are you getting 24% or more of your referrals directly from your website? If not, perhaps you should be listening to us, since we now have concrete proof that doing what we say works!