Warm Up Your Home Care Marketing With Heat Maps

Home Care Marketing

Home Care Marketing

During the cold winter months, it can be tempting to curl up in front of a crackling fire, forget about your home care marketing strategy for a while and just enjoy the holidays. Marketing is an ongoing process, however, and letting things go cold isn’t the way to get the results you crave. As home care marketing experts, we recommend warming up your online marketing strategy by ensuring that key elements are performing the way you want them to.

As a website owner, you always want to know how your online content is performing. What are people looking at most? Is that “Contact Us” button actually getting any clicks? Is anyone filling out the form in my sidebar? Are users engaging with my content the way I want them to? These are website performance questions that marketers often have, but frequently those questions go unanswered. To get the answers, we recommend using heat maps.

So what exactly are heat maps? Heat maps are visual representations of “hot” areas of your website. They illustrate how much mouse-cursor attention a certain area is getting on a website or page, relative to other areas. With heat maps, marketers can track a variety of performance data, including:

  • What users click on – linked text, buttons, images, etc. – while on your website
  • How far users scroll down on a page
  • Most viewed areas on a page
  • Mouse movements that track how readers maneuver through your content

Naturally, the redder an area of a heat map is, the “hotter” and more engaged users are with that section. If an area is lighter in shade and darker in color, that means the area isn’t getting as much attention. And if you don’t see any colors for a certain area on your heat map, it’s safe to say that area probably isn’t engaging users much, if at all.

The information provided by heat maps can reveal areas that need to be improved upon in order to get more engagement. For example, if the call to action areas of your pages are set up as linked text and a heat map reveals that they are receiving few clicks, you could conclude that the links aren’t visible enough and try changing to a more eye-catching button instead. Likewise, if the How We Work tab of your website’s navigation has received few clicks, it may indicate that users don’t know what the area is, and might prompt you to change the language to Services or Home Care Services to make your content more clear.

The information provided by heat maps can be invaluable in helping you make improvements to your website that will allow users to better engage with your content. corecubed’s expert marketing team uses heat maps to help our clients see how people interact with their websites and strategize how to make improvements for increased engagement. Contact us today to learn more about our vast array of content marketing and SEO services and find out how we can help your agency warm up your marketing strategy.