Top Three Things We Need From Our Web Clients

Before any web design work can begin, there are certain things we will need to collect from you. These elements are necessary in order for the work to be done properly the first time around and avoid unnecessary rounds of revisions because some crucial piece was withheld.

Here are three things you should have ready before setting us loose on your new site:

If you do not have an established color palette for your corporate communications, your logo will help us establish one for your site. It will also help establish the look and feel of every design element on the site. Just because we favor mauve and teal doesn’t mean those colors should show up next to your orange and tan logo.

If you want to be an even bigger help, provide CMYK and/or RGB color values for the colors used in your logo. This will ensure that all the complementary colors we use will fit precisely with your logo.

Branding Guidelines
Branding guidelines can include how your logo appears, how your company name may be used, and what kind of language is used to describe your company. We should not be left to figure these things out on our own. Ensure a consistent look, feel and tone across all your communications by providing your branding guidelines. If you don’t have branding guideline documentation, don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Websites are nothing without content. If there is no information to read (or watch or listen to), your site serves no purpose whatsoever. In order for us to plan and build your site, we must have content to start with. This will help us establish an information architecture and taxonomy, and will also help drive some design decisions.

Additionally, content combined with future content needs will also determine your web design project scope. You may think you have a simple job, but we may be able to identify areas of need and areas where scaling is required to accomplish your business goals. You wouldn’t hand a construction crew copies of the blueprints for a house and expect it to get built without wood, nails and such. Give us a good foundation of content from which to start building.