Top Search Terms People Use to Find Senior Care

top home care search terms

top home care search terms to Find Senior CareTechnology has changed the way we decide what to buy. Whether we’re looking for new shoes, a new dentist, or someone to care for an aging loved one, we almost always go online to find the goods and services we need. Today, 67% of the consumer’s journey is done online, and according to a study by the Gartner Group, by 2020, 85% the consumer’s experience with a company will include zero human interaction.

These numbers are a definite sign of the times, showing how consumers are pulling away from marketing and advertising that reaches out to them, and instead embracing the power of searching for products and services on their own when the need arises. An important thing for aging care companies to understand, however, is how these searches actually happen. In other words, what do buyers Google when they begin their senior care search and what results matter to them?

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The Search

Because in-home care and many other senior care services are what we call “at need services,” most potential clients and referrals aren’t going to know the names of agencies and companies for which to search. According to recent research from, 60% of people searching for senior care had no knowledge of their local care options, and only 15% of people searching for senior care begin their search by Googling a company name and going to its website. However, 73% start with a general search term such as “home care.”

73% of people looking for senior care start with a general search term such as “home care.”

But what exactly are senior care buyers Googling? Google Trends is a tool you can use to gain some insight into the search terms people use when researching home care and other aging care services. Below you can see how some common search terms rate in terms of usage and how those search terms have performed over time.

As you can see, as more and more seniors are choosing to age in place in the comfort of home, online searches for the term “home care” have grown steadily over the last ten years, outpacing searches for senior care services like “assisted living.”

home care search trend

With Google Trends, you can also get an idea of other top search terms that are related to the ones you’re tracking (home health, home health care, and in home care are the top ones related to home care) and find out what related search terms are on the rise among users.


Whether or not your company shows up when people search for these terms depends on the quality of your content and your SEO strategy, two things that the aging care marketing experts at corecubed can help you improve!

The Results

Once you have a better understanding of what your target audience is searching for, it’s also important to understand what results make them dig deeper or pick up the phone and call for service. A professional, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website will score points for your business right off the bat, especially if your site provides content that answers the top questions your audience has, such as “How do I know if my loved one needs care?” or “What services are involved in home health care?” or “What are the signs of Alzheimer’s disease?” Content that not only sells services, but helps educate your audience sets your company up as a trusted resource for those searching for care.

Word-of-mouth matters as much as ever, but now it has moved online. According to’s survey, when asked where the best senior care information is found, 78% said “the company’s customers.” In short, people trust the word of others who have been there. Testimonials and reviews go a long way to helping sway potential clients and referrers to select you as their provider of choice, so be sure to include them on your website and monitor your reviews on review sites to ensure you’re managing your online reputation.

The Aging Care Marketing Experts

Marketing senior care services is complicated and becoming more so every day. If you need a dedicated marketing partner to help take your business to the next level, contact the experts at corecubed today. With decades of experience in SEO, content marketing, design, and marketing strategy, we know how to set senior care businesses up for success.