The Original “Viral Video” & What It Can Teach You About Marketing

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The Original “Viral Video” & What It Can Teach You About Marketing

In the 90s, the phrase “viral video” wasn’t yet part of our lexicon. YouTube was over a decade away from being launched, but there was one show that was able to quite literally take nothing and make it into something that spread wildly throughout popular culture. Seinfeld was, in many ways, the original viral video. Why? First let’s look at what makes a viral video so, well, viral:

  1. It’s catchy. Viral videos stick with you. You think about them (and often laugh about them) throughout the day, like a song you just can’t get out of your head.
  2. It’s sharable. You just watched this amazing/hilarious/crazy video and you just know your friends will love it. You’ve got to share it. NOW! Viral videos have a universal appeal that can’t be denied.
  3. It’s quotable. Now that all your friends have seen the video, it’s become a part of your conversation. You can’t stop quoting it.
  4. It’s relatable. Granted, we can’t all relate to Miley on her wrecking ball, but by and large, viral videos speak to us on a deeper level, whether it’s watching an adorable kid say something hilarious or a touching tribute to a long lost love.

In its day, Seinfeld hit almost all of these viral video highlights. The shows stuck with us; even the theme song became drilled into our subconscious. While we couldn’t share them like we can share today’s videos, we certainly related to the shows and discussed them over the water cooler at work. And quotable? Few shows are as quotable as Seinfeld. To this day, I can’t even make soup without saying “No soup for you!” as my husband reaches for the ladle.

Viral Videos and Home Care Marketing

So what can Seinfeld and today’s viral videos teach us about home care marketing? Whether you’re using videos as a part of your marketing campaign or not, home care agencies and other aging care companies can learn a lot about marketing from viral videos, including:

  • Brand awareness: Viral videos know how to stay top of mind, both through creativity and accessibility. For business purposes, having a catchy slogan and memorable marketing materials can help your agency stay top of mind as well.
  • Creativity: The best videos are creative and inventive. Adding some creativity in design and content into your marketing makes your company stand out.
  • Distribution and ranking: Viral videos put themselves out there. They’re not just on YouTube; viral video creators know that sharing their videos across a wide range of media helps them to spread and get seen by more people. Marketing yourself in multiple areas (social media, website, print, etc.) as well as implementing a strategic SEO plan can help your company get ranked higher in the search engines and get noticed by a wider client base.

A successful marketing campaign isn’t as instant as a viral video, however. It takes time and dedication to build up your brand. The aging care marketing experts at corecubed can help create and implement a stellar marketing strategy that will get remarkable results. Contact us today, and click here to find out how our MOST home care marketing program can help agencies create creative and eye-catching marketing materials.