Marketing Home Care: The Best Way to Manage Business Growing Pains

My daughter is going into second grade and has a limitless hunger for knowledge of the world around her.  In my attempts to satiate her, we searched next to the corn fields for some milkweed plants that were hiding tiny monarch caterpillar eggs on their undersides.  We placed the leaves inside of a large screened-in caterpillar “kingdom” and throughout a number of weeks, watched the most amazing science unfold before our eyes.

As I marveled over how something the size of a pin top can grow and change into a fat sausage of a caterpillar and then again into a green jeweled chrysalis and then a third time into a colorful and powerful monarch butterfly (monarchs travel 50-100 miles per day when migrating to their winter homes), it struck me how similar a growing business is to the process of the butterfly’s metamorphosis.

A new business starts out as a hopeful, yet very vulnerable pin prick.  With the right nourishment, the business begins to grow and develop a voracious appetite for more success.  At some point, that same business most likely reaches some form of plateau, as more competitors enter the marketplace and vie for consumer’s attention or as economic conditions alter the monetary landscape.  Just as this pupal stage is very vulnerable for a monarch, so this stage is equally vulnerable for a business.  Perhaps the messages that worked in the beginning no longer seem as strong, or perhaps the business has outgrown the original website design or marketing materials, or perhaps a complete public relations and marketing campaign is now in order so that competitors can be put to rest.

Having an experienced, reliable and innovative-thinking partner to help your business through its stages of growth and metamorphosis can mean the difference between being digested by predatory businesses or emerging to the next level on colorful wings.

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