Step Up to the Plate with a Marketing Partner Who Will Go to Bat for You!

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Step Up to the Plate with a Marketing Partner Who Will Go to Bat for You!

At least once a year, the corecubed team gets together for some fun and hard work at a company retreat where we put our heads together to come up with new and innovative ideas on how to work better together and for the betterment of our clients. This year, we teamed up in the beautiful city of Louisville, KY where we visited the famous Louisville Slugger Museum. There, we not only learned about how important a part a bat is to baseball and the way bats are made, but we also learned a little bit about knowing when something feels right.

One of the coolest things you see when you visit the bat factory and museum is the lathe on which the bats for professional baseball payers, like Hanley Ramirez and Derek Jeter, are made. This machine is programmed to cut a bat to the specific contour and weight that each individual pro player uses. This is important because each player is dependent on his bat for his livelihood, and the wrong grip or weight can throw him off his game. Our tour guide pointed out that once, a player sent back a shipment of bats claiming they felt “off.” And he was right. After remeasuring the bat, it was off by a fraction of a fraction of an inch.

Because a bat is essentially a player’s business partner, it has to feel right and be the right fit. Not only does Derek Jeter depend on it, but so does his whole team! The same is true for a company and its marketing firm. The two are business partners, and when they can collaborate together, each side contributing and respecting the other, providing the perfect weight and balance, that is when the best results are realized. Yes, there are times when a company is set on a vision that may not be right for the market, or a marketing firm may not listen enough to its client’s ideas. In those (hopefully rare) cases, you may have to cut your losses and realize that things feel off and that neither party (marketer or client) is going to hit a home run with the wrong bat. And that’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with insisting on excellence in your product!

As an experienced marketing team, we know the right bat when we feel it. We know that the right client relationship is focused on quality and mutual respect. We respect that our clients know their business like no one else, and in turn, we expect that our clients know that we have the experience, expertise, and creativity to produce the perfect product with home care marketing ideas for them to succeed.

If you’re looking for a marketing team that will go to bat for you, give us a call and see if we’re the right fit! Team corecubed will go to bat for you!