How to Market to Seniors Online: Spread the Love via Helpful Content Marketing

marketing to seniors

how to market to seniors onlineIt’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and we all want a little love. Even businesses go all heart-shaped with their sales and marketing efforts in the hope that consumers and referral sources will show some love in return. Aside from sending out chocolates and valentines to woo new customers, another great way to stand out is to spread a little love via helpful content on how to market to seniors online.

To quote the immortal Maya Angelou, “Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it empowers us to develop courage; to trust that courage and build bridges with it; to trust those bridges and cross over them so we can attempt to reach each other.” With helpful content marketing to seniors, your business is spreading love by building bridges in your community and offering people resources they can really use.

The Love You Give

How to marketing to seniors starts with content marketing, that is all about using the power of well-written, helpful quality content to send love out into your community – both the community of people with whom you already work (current clients and referral sources) and people in your local community with whom you hope to work in the future. So, how can you spread the love this Valentine’s Day – and beyond?

  • Build social community. Social media isn’t just about posting about your own company; it’s about interaction. Use social media to spread some love by rating a local business that might be a good referral source for your agency. Follow their company page, comment positively on their posts, share their posts to your followers, etc. In doing so, you’re helping another business improve their reputation. Social media is a great way to reach out and build community online, but for busy home care agency owners, it can be a time-consuming commitment. Luckily, the social media and content marketing experts at corecubed can take this vital piece of marketing off your plate and help you build your social community as well as create and share valuable, educational marketing content to attract and convert prospects into customers and referral sources.
  • Spread love to local family caregivers, referral sources, clients and caregivers via an enewsletter. Starting an enewsletter aimed at sharing helpful tips and information that will make a family caregiver’s job easier is a great way to share a little love with your community.  Many of your clients likely have family members who provide care for them when your caregivers are not around who would appreciate tips from experts like you. What’s more, they likely have friends who are in a similar situation, caring for aging parents or loved ones, and a newsletter from your agency would be a great thing for them to share with others in need. Don’t have time to develop content for a monthly enewsletter? The corecubed team has created award-winning newsletters for our clients that have helped them expand their client base and grow their businesses, and we can do the same for you!
  • Provide actual help to your referral sources instead of just asking for their business. Your referral sources are very busy people, and they are more likely to respond favorably to someone who wants to help them do their own jobs better as opposed to someone who is just trying to get a sale. Ask them what questions they get asked most by their clients and work with corecubed’s content marketers to create a resource sheet that lists and answers all of those questions so your referral sources can easily help their clients.
  • Help people get the information they need. Spread good will by being an expert resource for information on aging care in your community. In addition to a monthly enewsletter, you can set your agency up as an informational resource by blogging about aging care topics and/or posting resource sheets to your website. Need help creating blog content or developing a web resource? Look no further than the content experts at corecubed!
  • Speak out about important aging care issues. Community speaking engagements are great ways to both share your expertise about senior care issues and show love for your community. Contact local churches, hospitals, senior centers, and even your local news station and offer your expertise by running a class or workshop on an important aging care issue, such as tips for family caregivers, exercise for seniors, home modifications for older adults, etc. Several corecubed clients have had great success in securing speaking engagements with our PowerPoint presentations that focus on a variety of aging care topics.

The Love You Receive

Being an active part of your community and offering current and potential clients and referral sources the information they need can lead to loads of positive returns for small businesses, including:

  • Forming new relationships and strengthening existing ones: Building a strong social community offers great opportunities to meet new people and network. Content that is posted on social media is highly sharable, and many people will forward an e-newsletter to a friend or family member when they know they are in need of a provider or helpful information. Your social content can help you reach audiences via digital word of mouth that you might not have otherwise reached. It also gives you a chance to continue to collaborate with colleagues you’ve worked with before.
  • Marketing exposure: The best marketing often happens naturally. Putting helpful information out into your community via your blog, newsletter, or social media can lead to lots of likes, shares, and comments, and can convince family caregivers to pick up the phone and contact your agency for help with a loved one.
  • Doing good for others is good for your reputation: Giving back sheds a very positive light on your company. When you spend time and effort for the benefit of others, you show your clients, potential clients and referral sources that you are empathetic to those around you, which is, of course, essential in the aging care industry.

As the Beatles famously sang, “In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” This year, make sure spread love to your community and see how much you receive in return. If you would like to expand your content marketing efforts in order to reach more potential clients and referrals, the aging care marketing experts at corecubed can help you create blog and social media content, monthly e-newsletters, web resources, flyers, brochures, community presentations, and other content to get the word out. Contact us today to learn how to market to seniors online.