Share the Love and Increase Home Health Care Leads with a Customer Love Campaign

Home Care Leads

Home Care Leads

Love is in the air, and there’s nothing home care agencies love more than clients. Your very services are based around that love and the desire to help people live their best lives. But there’s another way to show your love for both current and potential clients and referrals, and all it takes is a little marketing ingenuity.

For way too long, marketing focused on the hard sell, i.e., “You need this service. Buy it today!” Today more companies take a softer approach to elder care marketing, one that focuses on building strong relationships with the people they serve and assist. This new approach has given birth to what is called a “customer love campaign.”

A customer love campaign is a simple concept that can achieve great results in terms of retaining current clients and increasing home health care leads for new ones. Customer love campaigns are automated email campaigns that help you stay in regular communication with clients and referral sources while also offering them something, like helpful tips or even a discount. But, “How is this type of giving valuable?” you might ask.

Love Is a Many Valued Thing

Think about the emails that you get from businesses, both the ones you work with on a regular basis and those who are trying to win you over. What types of emails do you like receiving? Those that simply push you to buy now or buy again? Or those that offer you something of value or interest? You’re far from alone if you prefer an email that has something unique and/or useful to offer. In those emails, the company is showing you that your business is valuable to them. In short, they’re saying, “I love you and I want to keep this relationship going.”

From a business perspective, the idea behind a customer love campaign is to show clients that you appreciate them, while at the same time ensuring that they engage with you in some way, either by downloading a tip sheet or accepting a gift card offer, and keeping your business at the forefront of their minds.

These campaigns provide a win-win situation – your clients get something of value, while the campaign helps your agency in the following ways:

  • Ensures that your agency stays top of mind among clients and referrals, which leads to word-of-mouth about your agency
  • Provides a cost-effective/automated way to continually market to clients
  • Encourages clients and referrals to engage with your agency via offers and/or gifts
  • Increases customer satisfaction through regular communication

Sound good? Let’s learn how to share the love with your clients.

Ways to Love Your Customers

There are several ways to structure a customer love campaign. Some of our favorites include:

  • Automated welcome message and tips: Signing on a new client or referral is exciting. It’s also a great time to start showcasing your agency’s value. An automated welcome message with a helpful tip sheet – Tips for Communicating with a Loved One Who Has Alzheimer’s, How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout, etc. – helps to welcome the client, gives them something they need, and shows that you know your stuff.
  • Critical point check-in emails: As both you and the client get acclimated to your new routine, it can be easy to forget to check in and ask them if they need anything from you. Automated critical point check-in emails ensure that you don’t miss this important step. Emails can be set up to touch base with the client at key points – one week after start of service, a one-month check-in, three months, etc. Always ask if there are ways that you can improve your service with the client, and consider including other helpful tip sheets in those emails as well.
  • Anniversary emails: Anniversaries are always important to celebrate. Celebrate yearly anniversaries with a nice email and perhaps a gift card or discount of some kind to show how much their business is appreciated.
  • Referral incentives: Happy clients love to share their experiences, and it’s even better when they can get something in return. Create a customer love referral incentive campaign in which you offer current clients a gift for referring a friend to your agency.

One of the best things about a customer love campaign is that there’s no one way to do it. You can be as creative as you want, but always keep your main goals in mind: provide value and stay on brand.

How corecubed Can Help You Spread the Love

A professional, automated customer love campaign should look and sound perfect, and this can take time. The corecubed team can help you show your clients love, while giving you time to spend caring for them directly. Our professional elder care marketing team can:

  • Write targeted content for your campaigns
  • Design and develop eye-catching, professional campaign templates
  • Schedule and send campaigns
  • And measure results

Ready to spread the love to your clients? Contact corecubed to find out how we can increase your home health care leads and develop an effective, ongoing elder care marketing strategy.