Getting new inquiries is the number one goal of successful home care businesses. Next up comes making a good impression during initial calls. It feels great to secure an in-home consultation right away. But that’s not always possible.

Many people researching care for a loved one aren’t sure what they’re looking for or what their loved one needs. They might also need time to help a loved one get used to the idea of home care. They might not sign up for service on the first call for those reasons. That’s why agencies need to perfect the art of the follow-up.

What happens after the initial call is essential to the sales process. Following up with prospects is a critical step that often gets missed or mishandled, which could mean your agency is leaving opportunity and revenue on the table.


The increasing demand for home care has sparked a growth of new entrants into the industry, creating hypercompetitive markets in some territories. Now more than ever, finding ways to set your home care business apart from the pack is essential to attract the most qualified leads. The good news? Proven marketing strategies can help you put your agency in the spotlight.

Join us on October 3 at 2:00 PM Eastern time as we partner with to share expert tips to help you stand out to potential clients and caregivers.

This webinar is free, but space is limited.


For many of us, owning a car is necessary for getting where we need to go. For business owners, a website is also necessary for reaching the clients we want to reach, and the similarities of car and website ownership don’t stop there!

When people buy a car, they know it will require regular maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly — oil changes, tire rotations, brake pad replacements, state inspections, etc. Still, that doesn’t mean you won’t EVER have a problem with your car. Sometimes, despite everything, you get an oil leak, or a tire goes flat. That’s why you need an expert mechanic.

When people purchase and set up a website, they often don’t realize that regular maintenance is essential to help prevent a breakdown. And just as with car maintenance, breakdowns will still happen. That means you’ll also need a site “mechanic” who can fix it.

corecubed’s expert website mechanics offer ongoing maintenance that helps keep your site running smoothly. We also identify and fix issues that could affect site speed and efficacy.

Want to keep your site cruising and attracting clients? Schedule a call with our team of experts to learn more about corecubed’s website maintenance services.

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