SEO Is a Commitment, Not a Fling

SEO for home care - home care consulting

When it comes to home care advertising, SEO is a commitment you need to make.

Every good business person knows that she needs SEO as part of her online marketing strategy, but there’s a lot about SEO itself that most people don’t know. In a recent blog post, we debunked five top myths about this ever-evolving and always important marketing tactic. One of these myths is that SEO is something that can be done once or twice and then you’re finished. The truth, however, is that SEO for home care agencies is far more complicated than that; it’s not something that can ever really be finished. If we were to compare SEO to relationships, it’s a long-term commitment, not a fling. SEO for home care takes regular work, analysis, and dedication to get the results you want.

The biggest thing that many people don’t realize when beginning an SEO strategy is that it’s an ongoing process that doesn’t produce overnight results. Oftentimes, clients get anxious when, a week or two later, their website is still not on the first page of a Google search. Like any good relationship, or business deal, you have to invest in order to see results, and investing in SEO involves quite a few steps, just like a committed relationship.

The Dating Stage

Ah, young love. It’s exciting to step into a new relationship, but there’s also some expectation management that needs to take place in the dating stage, and the same is true when you begin your SEO strategy. Lots of people assume that ranking high in search engines involves some big secret that can be manipulated – if only we knew what it was. Unfortunately, the big secret is there is no secret, just lots of work. To begin a solid SEO strategy you need an understanding of how SEO works today, experience, research and experimentation. You also need to consider the age of your website and the platform on which it’s built. Older sites built on out-of-date platforms or using cluttered coding can seriously complicate your SEO efforts. Mobile optimization is also extremely important, especially with Google’s newest algorithm change in the works. Do you know if your website is mobile-friendly? In other words, you’ve got to “date” your SEO, get to know how it works, and what will work for your website.

The Let’s-See-Where-This-Goes Stage

You’re cool. You’re casual. You’re trying new things. This is the fun, experimental part of the SEO relationship – the trial and error stage. Here, you implement the tactics that could be most helpful to your website, including keyword optimization, link building, and social sharing to drive traffic to the website. Right now, you’re testing the waters to see which tactics work and which don’t, and this, of course, takes time and effort.

The Where-Is-This-Going Stage

Now it’s time for the big, “Where is this relationship going?” talk. In SEO terms, this is when you analyze the efforts you put in during the previous stages to see if there have been any results, either positive or negative. In this stage, you’re comparing several months of reports, watching how visitors travel through your site, measuring conversions, etc. This careful, and ongoing, analysis allows you to make changes to your SEO strategy in order to keep things trending in the right direction. It’s also a good time to take a look at any changes that Google has made to its ever-evolving search algorithm to ensure that all your SEO tactics are relevant and still part of Google’s best practices for SEO.

The Taking-It-To-The-Next-Level Stage

You’re committed to this relationship. You’re in it for the long haul. You’re willing to continue to put in the work and analysis in order to keep getting those results. Like any good relationship, SEO doesn’t end once you’ve analyzed your initial efforts. Now, you go back, make the necessary changes, create landing pages, develop long-tail keyword strategies, etc., and keep tracking your progress. And trust us, putting in the time and effort pays off!

Despite what you may have heard, SEO is far from dead. Many businesses are fostering stellar relationships with their SEO and climbing the search rankings and getting conversions. Does your agency need home care consulting to utilize SEO for home care? Contact the SEO and home care advertising experts at corecubed to learn how are home care consulting team can create a strategy that you’ll fall in love with.