Secure Some Ink with the Right Media Pitch

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Secure Some Ink with the Right Media Pitch

This week, CarePoint Home Care announced the launch of their business in metro Atlanta with media coverage that landed online and in four local newspapers. How did they do it? With a well-crafted press release and media outreach performed by corecubed. And, with a market as big as Atlanta, we’re eager to secure more news opportunities for the local business.

Factors that make CarePoint Home Care newsworthy right now include timeliness, proximity, and usefulness. To explain, editors in charge of reporting the latest local news select stories that will help the community—in this case, the business introduced new jobs and new quality service—to share with readers.

It never hurts to revisit what is newsworthy to local reporters and what is not. Below is the textbook version of what makes news.

  • Conflict: Basic good drama—bad guy vs. good guy, or big vs. little
  • Prominence: Involves well-known people or businesses
  • Proximity: The news is occurring in the media’s backyard
  • Impact: How many people the news affects
  • Timeliness: The news is happening right now; it’s current
  • Surprise: A departure from the norm
  • Interesting People or Events: Situations that are tragic/humorous/mysterious/wacky
  • Something New: “Firsts” – buildings, products, people
  • Trends: Surveys, changes, what will be news next week
  • Something Useful: Answers the “How will this affect my life?” question
  • Evidence, Solid Facts: Prominent research
  • Experts: Doctors, professors

Make the connection between what you do and what reporters think will be interesting to their audience. We’re happy to help secure some ink—call us, let’s talk about your story!