Score More Runs for Your Agency with the Right Coach

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With spring training in full swing, now is the perfect time to think about what the right coach can do, not just for your favorite team, but for your home care business. Ideally, your home care agency has a salesperson or team with deep industry expertise and knowledge, strong community connections with referral sources, and a passion for sales. Yet even with the best players on your team, continually honing strategies and skills is key to remaining ahead of the fierce and ever-expanding competition. 

This is where a professional sales coach, with specific experience in home health care sales, is a game-changer. Here’s a real-life example of the results you can expect. 

One corecubed Client Who Hit It Out of the Park

This home care agency successfully achieved growth, thanks to their professional corecubed home health care sales coach: 

The agency, a franchise, is located in a large city with minimal staff allocated to manage sales. Our sales coach visited the agency to assess the sales team’s skills, and accompanied them on sales calls to evaluate their level of expertise in connecting with referral sources and clients. The sales coach found that while some staff members had expertise in implementing effective sales techniques, others would require quite a lot of support and training to master the necessary skills. The coach worked one-on-one with these team members, training them to gain efficiency in skills such as: 

  • Targeting specific types of referral sources
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • Interacting with prospective clients/referral sources while on sales calls
  • Ascertaining whether a particular referral source is a lead worth pursuing
  • And more 

A working home care sales plan was put in place for the agency, with action items assigned to each individual, and progress monitored on an ongoing basis.  

The Results

After seven months: 

  • Revenue increased 28% over the prior year 
  • Weekly hours increased by 14% 
  • 21 existing referral sources continued to refer  
  • 72 referral sources were added that were not referring in the prior year and began generating referrals 
  • The agency expanded into new counties 
  • The agency was named “Franchise of the Year” by its corporate franchise company 

Here’s how corecubed’s custom home care sales coaching program works: 

The Introductory Call

Our exceptional sales coach who is well versed in all things home care will respond to your request for sales help with the urgency of a call to 911. The coach’s main goal is to gauge the immediate circumstances and rapidly figure out the best approach to generate the desired outcome. This begins with an in-depth discussion to uncover the layers of difficulties that led to the need for sales helpyour agency’s processes and operations, personnel issues and skill sets, and more. 

The Plan

After the particular challenges have been definedthe coach will develop the best plan of action to address them. Next, a visit to your agency for an extensive evaluation allows the coach to review existing operations, marketing and sales tactics, provide ride-alongs with sales staff to assess the current sales process, set up a contact database if one is not in place, and much more. 

The objective is for the sales coach to prepare a thorough report which will outline findings and suggestions – and, to provide support with implementing those recommendations, a crucial step for success that is often overlooked.  

Ongoing Accountability 

Continuing support from a professional sales coach provides an agency with the same benefits as hiring a sales manager or strategist, at an incredible savings of both time and expense, as this support is provided only when needed and as agreed upon. In most casesan agency has established a wonderful baseline and is able to show sustainable growth within the first six months after a site visit and ongoing sales support.  

Ensure your agency is achieving the best possible results, staying on top of trending home care marketing strategies and sales techniques by engaging the services of an industry-specific sales coach. 

Want to learn more about our customized sales coaching? Contact Erica Horner to share the struggles your team is facing and let her help move your agency to the next level!