Say, “I do!” for everlasting business success…

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Say, “I do!” for everlasting business success…

Successful weddings don’t just happen. They take careful planning and attention to detail. The cake has to be there on time. There have to be enough cheese cubes and punch to go around. And all of that planning has to be done within the confines of a set budget.

The same careful orchestration and attention to detail are required the day a new product is launched. While the onlookers probably won’t throw birdseed like they do at a wedding, the event requires strong organizational skills, grace under pressure and the ability to stick to a budget. Nervous about your next wed – uh – product launch? Here are some tips on pulling off the event without a hitch.

Start planning early
Wise couples plan The Big Day months – if not years – in advance. The same wisdom should be applied to the launch of a new product. Launching takes strategy and planning. That forethought should take place well before the product is rolling off the assembly line, or the service is offered.

As soon as the engagement ring is slipped on her finger, a bride-to-be starts thinking about wedding plans. In the same fashion, the proper time to start thinking about the launch plan is as soon as a decision is made to launch a new product or service.

Make up the guest list
Every event requires a guest list. For a wedding, that means drawing up a list of the bride’s and groom’s family members, friends, acquaintances, classmates, colleagues and anyone else interested in witnessing the union of this pair. Let’s face it: more attendees mean more wedding presents.

A similar rule applies for product launches. Who will be interested in your product or service? And more importantly, who is most likely to be interested in the launch? Just as you would not invite anyone who might spoil the wedding or reception, you should also be choosy about who you invite to a product launch. Focus on your target audience, and only invite those who REALLY might come and are genuinely interested.

Your current clients deserve invites. So does anyone who has ever expressed an interest in being a client. Does your company regularly distribute eNewsletters? Those subscribers might be offended if they don’t get a heads-up. In truth, anyone and everyone in your target demographic should be aware of what’s going on and why they need to be there…and HOW the new product or service will benefit them.

Develop “invitations”
The enormous amount of stationery involved in a wedding is surprising. Anyone who has ever ordered wedding invitations knows just how many pieces it entails, from Save-the-Dates and the actual invitations, to inserts, thank-you notes and envelopes galore! There are also programs, menus, seating cards, guest books, wedding announcements, and more!

Product launches also have their own kind of multi-layered invitations. The invites might include product sheets, case studies, images, testimonials and other marketing materials. Print, however, is not the end-all it used to be. Even weddings are now including online channels as well. PLUS, to really generate long-term commitment and interest, you’ll need a good integrated marketing strategy. This might include print and online advertising, direct marketing, email campaigns, website updates, product literature, sales promotions, employee communications, trade show rollouts, social media and traditional media coverage.

As noted earlier, pre-planning is the key to success. It’s a good idea to have these materials ready a couple of months before launch. The sooner the details are agreed upon, the better.

The wedding planner
If a couple wants to have the perfect wedding, they hire a wedding planner to make the process as smooth and effortless as possible. Likewise, if you are announcing a new product or service, you will want to have the benefit of an expert marketing team as your guide to assure a successful launch that will lead to the commitment resulting in long-term happiness. An experienced team can handle all of the details and provide solutions for any last-minute surprises.

Why not call the experienced team at corecubed? Our marketing experts have the know-how, the expertise, the experience and the proven strategies to plan and execute the perfect launch…and we will NEVER leave you at the altar.