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The demographics, they are a-changin’. According to the Rural Health Information Hub, there are currently more than 46 million adults 65 years of age and older living in the United States. By 2050, that number is expected to grow to nearly 90 million. What does this mean for America? By 2030, one in five Americans is projected to be 65 years of age and over, and it’s imperative that our healthcare and social systems are prepared to meet this unprecedented demand for caring for our older adult population.  

As home care providers, you are probably already beginning to see the impact of the growing senior population through increased demand for in-home care services. According to a 2018 AARP survey, approximately 76% of people 50 years of age and older would like to live in their homes as long as possible, a figure that increases with age.  

While the demand for high-quality in-home care is seeing sustained growth, in some ways, home care continues to be a well-kept secret. Consumers and potential referral sources may have a general sense of the industry, but oftentimes home care can seem complicated, and many healthcare professionals are unsure of when and how it can be accessed.  

Help Choose Home Podcast Series 

The Help Choose Home podcast series was born out of a desire to develop an educational tool and initiate a national conversation about the choice to age in place.   

Launched in 2018, each of Season One’s 25 episodes is focused on the value of receiving care at home. Featuring insightful interviews with industry leaders, each guest speaks passionately and practically about topics relevant to clients and their families: 

Season Two kicked off in January, and while still focused on promoting the overall advantages of aging at home, episodes are aimed at educating the many referral sources and payors about the benefits of home care. Interviews feature engaging conversations with industry professionals who enthusiastically promote the many benefits of the home care industry: 

The Help Choose Home podcast series underscores the unique opportunity the home care industry has in meeting the care demand for seniors, and easing some of the impact this growing cohort will have on the healthcare industry. 

Educational Tools You Can Use 

Episodes from the Help Choose Home podcast series are available free of charge, and they are a valuable educational tool that agencies can share on social media, websites, and in enewsletters. By providing access to rich and interesting content such as this, agencies can help differentiate themselves from the competition, demonstrating their commitment not only to high quality care, but to equipping both consumers and referral sources with timely and accurate information about the home care industry as a whole.  

Hosted by corecubed’s own Merrily Orsini, an innovative aging care thought leader who has been in the home care industry since 1981, each podcast episode runs approximately 25 minutes. “We are thrilled to be leading the conversation about the benefits of home care, and we see the Help Choose Home podcast series as an important tool for agencies, both for sharing with clients and their families, and to share with referral sources,” said Orsini. 

Help Choose Home is a collaborative effort between corecubed, the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC), and Axxess 

To learn more about the Help Choose Home podcast series, as well as other innovative strategies that can help set your home care agency apart of the competition, contact corecubed today. Our experienced team of professionals can help position your agency as the top choice for both referral sources and consumers when searching for in-home care.