Technology has drastically changed the way we decide what to buy. Whether we’re looking for new shoes, a new dentist, or someone to care for an aging loved one, we almost always go online to find the goods and services we need. Today, 67% of the consumer’s journey is done online, and according to a study by the Gartner Group, by 2020, 85% of the consumer’s experience with a company will include zero human interaction.

These numbers are a definite sign of the times, showing how consumers are pulling away from marketing and advertising that reaches out to them, and instead embracing the power of searching for products and services on their own when the need arises. An important thing for aging care companies to understand, however, is how these searches actually happen. In other words, what do buyers Google when they begin their senior care search and what results matter to them?

The Search
Because in-home care and many other senior care services are what we call “at need services,” most potential clients and referrals aren’t going to know the names of agencies and companies for which to search. According to recent research from, 60% of people searching for senior care had no knowledge of their local care options, and only 15% of people searching for senior care begin their search by Googling a company name and going to its website. However, 73% start with a general search term such as “home care.”

But what exactly are senior care buyers Googling? Find out what search terms your target audience is using to search for services here.

Adapt to a Family’s Lifestyle for a Better Care Experience!


Working in an older adult’s home requires an understanding of the manners and etiquette that put clients at ease and can make the experience more positive for everyone involved. Understanding these practices helps caregivers make clients feel respected, comfortable, and safe in their own homes.

This award-winning home care training video teaches caregivers the soft skills they need to perform their very best in a private in-home care setting. As part of your overall home care marketing strategy, our Adapting to a Family’s Lifestyle DVD is truly an incredible resource for today’s non-medical private duty home care provider.

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Why You Need an Insurance Policy for Your Website


Your website is great now, but do you have an “insurance policy” to make sure it stays that way?

Find out why your site needs a web maintenance plan and how the corecubed team can help.

Wan to get inside senior care buyers’ minds so you can better your marketing? corecubed‘s team of aging care marketing experts can help you differentiate your brand from the competition and generate content that leads consumers and referrers to your agency. Contact us here for a quote, or call us at 800.370.6580 x1. You can also drop us an email at

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