Every good businessperson knows that she needs SEO as part of her online marketing strategy, but there’s a lot about SEO itself that most people don’t know. In a recent blog post, we debunked five top myths about this ever-evolving and always important marketing tactic. One of these myths is that SEO is something that can be done once or twice and then you’re finished. The truth, however, is that SEO is far more complicated than that; it’s not something that can ever really be finished. If we were to compare SEO to relationships, it’s a long-term commitment, not a fling. SEO takes regular work, analysis, and dedication to get the results you want.

The biggest thing that many people don’t realize when beginning an SEO strategy is that it’s an ongoing process that doesn’t produce overnight results. Oftentimes, clients get anxious when, a week or two later, their website is still not on the first page of a Google search. Like any good relationship, or business deal, you have to invest in order to see results, and investing in SEO involves quite a few steps, just like a committed relationship.

Find out how the stages of a serious SEO relationship work and how you can take your SEO strategy from a fling to a commitment here.

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Digital marketing has taken a #1 spot in how people (consumers and referral sources alike) are finding home care agencies. Discover the latest tactics based on current algorithms that work best. Find out how changing content on a regular basis on the agency website, using social media effectively, and paying attention to on-page calls to action assist in the rise in rankings on search engines.

Merrily Orsini, MSSW, expert home care marketing strategist, Marissa Snook, SEO diva, and Amy Selle, aging care marketing specialist will discuss the ever-changing strategies for getting a website ranked with organic SEO. They will show you what is now important, and what to do to make a difference in search engine rankings.

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Debunking 5 Common SEO Myths

You’ve probably heard plenty of SEO myths over the years. Get the facts here and start improving your SEO strategy today!

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