It’s Elementary: Matching Your Home Care Sales Style to Another’s Buying Style = Success!

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Have you ever walked into a room full of people you’ve never met, and naturally gravitate towards a particular type of person? Maybe you’re quiet and reserved, and feel most comfortable seeking out other like-minded companions. Or it could be just the opposite; perhaps you’re energized by those with a bubbly personality.

Did you realize that just as we have innate personality traits and are predisposed to connect better with some people than others, we also have inherent sales characteristics – and, buying traits? And it’s incredibly important for your home care agency’s success to understand both your own selling style and your referral partners’ and clients’ buying styles.

So…What’s Your Selling Style?

Beyond simply introverted vs. extroverted, our selling style is intricately shaped by a variety of factors, drilling down to specific character traits and strengths that impact how you interact with your referral partners and potential clients. Your style can range from strong-willed and direct, to even-tempered and humble – and everything in between.

At corecubed, we help home care agency sales and intake staff clearly identify their personal sales styles through a DiSC® assessment. Shelle Womble, Home Care Sales & Operations Coach for corecubed and Certified DiSC® Trainer, helps our clients interpret their individual selling style results and guides them on how to maximize strengths and connect better with referral sources and clients, resulting in increased sales.

The Other Side of the Equation…

While determining your sales style is a crucial step, it’s only the first step. Equally important is the ability to size up a potential referral partner or client to determine his or her buying style – and then modifying your selling and communication approach to obtain the most favorable outcome. Clashing sales and buying styles set the stage for disaster, but being aware of and adjusting your own natural inclinations to match the referral partner’s or client’s style, even if it’s a bit out of your comfort zone, can mean the difference between a fizzling lead and a sizzling one.

Again, the DiSC® assessment tool is extremely valuable in helping to decode the differences in selling and buying styles and providing adaptation techniques and recommendations, enabling you to build stronger relationships and trust, and to create an action plan to increase your likelihood of home care agency success.

Want to take your home care sales prowess up a notch? Contact our home care consulting experts to schedule a sales consultation with Shelle Womble and to arrange to take your own personal DiSC® sales assessment. And for even more home care sales tools and tips, register for our upcoming free webcast, “How to Sell Value Over Price in Home Care.”