Know Your Market: The High-End Client

Affluent Clients

Know Your Market: The High-End Client

Are you marketing champagne wishes and caviar dreams to your clients? Should you be? Effective marketing means truly knowing your market – what they look for in products and services, what words they like to hear (or read), even what images they like to see when they’re shopping for what they need. For those in the aging care industry, particularly home care agencies, marketing to wealthy clients requires a rather specific marketing focus.

Focusing on those who have the means to pay for services means showcasing the following:

  • Quality: Wealthy clients may have money to burn, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to spend it on sub-par service. In fact, the more money in the bank, the more they are likely concerned with getting the best. Focus on the quality of service your agency provides when marketing to high-end clients. Include training, certifications, relevant memberships, etc. that set your agency apart from the crowd and showcase your expertise.
  • ROI for services: In-home care is an investment, and the important part about investing is seeing a significant return. When marketing your services and/or products, focus on how your agency provides that return on the client’s investment. For example, how do your services allow for an active lifestyle while providing excellent care? What special services do you offer that would appeal to the client’s lifestyle, like pet care, personal shopping, personal assistant services, etc.? These can help your agency both stand out in a crowded market and appeal to a wealthier clientele.
  • Testimonials from other wealthy clients: Positive testimonials speak volumes about your service, and wealthy clients respect the opinions of others from a similar background/tax bracket. When you have happy high-end clients, politely ask if they would mind singing your agency’s praises in testimonial form.
  • Visuals that exude quality and high-end design: People (from all walks of life) are visual creatures, and when we like what we see, we’re more apt to spend money on it (an important thing to remember when creating visuals for your marketing campaigns and your website). Think luxury and quality when targeting affluent clients.

And don’t forget to train your caregivers on how to adapt to an affluent family’s lifestyle. Private in-home care clients often have high standards in manners and etiquette. A caregiver in this unique setting must learn how to make a client feel comfortable in his/her own home, including knowing how to:

  • Dress appropriately for work
  • Handle visitors
  • Set a table
  • Prepare an attractive food tray
  • And more

As part of your overall home care marketing strategy, this training video from Home Care Agency Marketplace is truly an incredible resource for today’s non-medical private duty home care provider. Does your agency have any other tips on effectively marketing to high-end clients? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.