Know Your Market: Marketing to Different Lifestyles

marketing to seniors
marketing to seniors

Something that agencies too often forget when designing a marketing plan is how to market home health care services to different lifestyles.

Previously on the blog, we discussed marketing to seniors and how home care agencies and other aging care businesses can better market to a “new age” of clients. In addition to living more active lives, today’s seniors also have different personal relationships and family dynamics than in the past. More and more older couples are “out” in the LGBT community, and they face some unique challenges as they age and attempt to find care.

Outing Age 2010, a study on public policy issues surrounding elderly individuals in the LGBT community, found that LGBT seniors tend to live alone and to be separated from biological family members. Similarly, many couples, gay and straight, have chosen not to have children, and therefore may be seeking care or other age-related products and services on their own or with the help of friends. Something to consider if you find yourself marketing solely to adult children. And while many would likely benefit from in-home care support, LeadingAge California notes that, “LGBT older adults may hesitate to admit home care workers into their homes because they fear exposure, discrimination or disapproval in one of the few places where they can truly be themselves.”

Organizations like the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging and SAGE offer some great educational resources for assisted living marketing agencies on marketing to seniors of the LGBT community effectively (and sensitively), as well as tips on providing compassionate, discreet care and addressing unique aging issues with persons of alternative lifestyles.

Ensuring that your home healthcare marketing language is inclusive can ensure that your agency is reaching the broadest audience possible and offering trusted, life-changing services to all who need it. For more information on how to market home health care services to the LGBTQ+ community and other lifestyles, both online and in print, contact the experts at corecubed today.