How Keyword Mapping Helps Attract Qualified Home Care Leads

How Keyword Mapping Helps Attract Qualified Home Care Leads
How Keyword Mapping Helps Attract Qualified Home Care Leads

Learn more about how keyword mapping can bolster your SEO plan and help attract more qualified leads to your site.

In the care industry, getting your company’s name in front of the people who need your services has always been the main marketing goal and challenge. The best way to reach qualified leads online is through a robust SEO plan that includes keyword mapping.

Keyword mapping helps agencies better position their care websites to rank well in searches. But what exactly is keyword mapping and how does it work? The SEO experts at corecubed have you covered!

What is Keyword Mapping?

Keyword mapping is the process of designating target keywords for specific pages of your website. The map essentially is a structured content plan that determines what keywords to implement on specific pages of your site. Keyword mapping can be for any page on your website, including blog posts.

This “map” of keywords is laid out in a matrix, grouped into relevant categories based on your site’s structure and content.  For example, you could map out the URL, the topic of that page, the main keyword you want to use on that page, and the supporting keywords to use within.

Former SEO theory promoted finding the top keywords for your website and liberally sprinkling them across each page of your site in order to boost rankings. Now, however, we know that Google’s algorithm thinks that pages on the same website with the same keywords are essentially competing against each other, an issue known as keyword cannibalization.

In order to not make your website its own worst enemy,  keyword mapping ensures that the most relevant pages in your site have specific keywords for which they are each trying to rank.

What is the Benefit of a Keyword Map for Home Care Companies?

No matter how large or small your website, SEO can feel like a daunting process. Keyword mapping is a powerful tool that organizes your efforts and helps your home care website rank better.

Some key advantages of keyword mapping include:

  • Organizing your content effectively. This helps Google and other search engines better understand how relevant each page of your site is for a search query.
  • Creating and maintaining an internal linking strategy. A solid internal linking strategy allows search engines to properly index your pages in ways that better lead visitors to what they are searching for.
  • Avoiding antithetical SEO situations. As you create content for your website, it’s easy to unintentionally create duplicate content across multiple pages. Similarly, you may be unintentionally reusing keywords too many times across the span of your site, a situation known as keyword cannibalization. These practices can hurt your SEO efforts instead of helping them.
  • Creating an effective way to measure your SEO efforts. With a keyword map in place, you can track how each page of your site is ranking and make adjustments faster and more efficiently. You can also track the effectiveness of certain keywords more easily, allowing you to research and use different keywords that can help your rankings.

In a highly-competitive market like home care, finding ways to improve your content and how your website ranks for a variety of keywords is incredibly important in getting a leg up on the competition.

As part of your overall SEO plan, keyword mapping allows your agency to get a better view of how your website looks in the eyes of Google. It then helps you chart a path to improving your ranking for the search terms that your most promising leads are using so that you can move toward outranking the competition.

How Can I Make Keyword Mapping Work for My Agency?

Keyword mapping is just one part of what should be a robust SEO plan in order to help your agency rank well and attract qualified leads. With a deep knowledge of the senior care industry, the SEO experts at corecubed are uniquely qualified to help care companies optimize their websites and attract new clients.

We can assist you with a wide-range of SEO needs, including:

  • In-depth competitive analysis
  • Localized, data-driven keyword research and on-page optimization
  • Refining and improving user experience
  • Ongoing technical SEO maintenance

Reach out to us at 800.370.6580 to learn how we can help you map out a path to success!