It’s Not Just Home Care Marketing to Us. It’s Personal.

Home Care Marketing

It’s Not Just Home Care Marketing to Us. It’s Personal.

One of the first things I ask when talking to a business owner looking for home care marketing expertise is, “Tell me how you got into the home care business.” More often than not, the owner then relates a story about a loved one he or she provided care for, or how a bad nursing home experience was the catalyst, or about a passion to help seniors age where they choose rather than where they are forced to live. But what it generally boils down to is, “I recognized a need and wanted to make a positive difference.”

At corecubed, we made the decision to focus all of our talents and energy on helping the aging care industry market more effectively because we recognized a need as well (and because we knew we were the best at doing it). Marketing for home care is very different from other types of marketing because not only is it a service that people don’t pay attention to until there is a need, but it is often an emotionally driven service with a lot of trust inherently built in to it.

In order to convince your target audience that your agency is the right choice, you need to make a connection with them by providing the answers they seek, the expertise they crave, and/or the identification of better solutions for their unique situation.

In your search for a marketing partner, you are most likely seeking something similar: answers, expertise and better solutions for marketing home care in an increasingly crowded marketplace.  At corecubed, our marketing solutions are derived from a team that not only has decades of experience in the aging care marketing arena, as well as our CEO/President Merrily Orsini’s experience of running a very successful home care business, but many of us are also adult children with family members in need of care solutions. We not only market to your audience, we are your audience. This gives us a unique understanding of and sensitivity to the marketing materials we create and the services we provide. We have loved ones living at home with dementia, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, parents who are reluctant to accept care when they need it most, and overstressed family caregivers who should be receiving respite care. We are frustrated by hospital readmissions that should have been prevented, family members who struggle with chronic disease care, and countless situations that could be helped if only a tool was provided or information given.

We use the experiences in our daily lives as kindling to fuel the marketing pieces we create for our clients, providing the answers and solutions their clients and referral sources seek. Examples include our popular Going Home From the Hospital booklet, which was an idea born from a needless hospital readmission experience, and our Medication Management chart that was perfected from the experiences of an employee struggling to manage her parent’s medications. We even take it one step further, with many of our tools being evaluated and approved by healthcare professionals in the field.

The end result? corecubed’s aging care marketing hits the sweet spot and brings more clients and more referrals to your business, thus helping more people find the best solutions for their care needs. So this is why we do it. Want to learn more about how we do it? Contact us today.

corecubed is intelligent aging care marketing, expertly designed – professionally delivered.