How to Rev Up Visibility of Your Home Care Website

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There are two questions we receive regularly from home care agency owners: 

  1. “How can attract more customers online?” and
  2. “How can I attract more caregivers online?”  

In this internet-driven world, the answer comes down to two key factors: the quality of your website, and whether or not searchers can find it 

With so many home care agencies vying for the top spot in search results, it’s imperative to understand why content is so important and why it needs to be high quality. Here’s how it works: 

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are continuously crawling and indexing websites for use in search results. When new content is added to your website, search engines will see and index that content over time (you can speed up the process by submitting your site to be reindexed)When search engines detect high quality content that is relevant to your target audience, the reward is increased exposure for your website in search results when someone enters a related search term 

You might be asking yourself, “Can search engines really recognize high-quality content?” The answer is YESand here’s what they evaluate 

High-quality content is writing that: 

  • Is original and not copied from another online source 
  • Is infused with keywords searchers in your market are using to find services like yours 
  • Is well-writtengrammatically correct, and uses compelling headlines to grab reader attention 
  • Is carefully researched and provides links for readers to verify source information, as well as links to other sections of your website that relate to the new content you are posting 
  • Addresses questions that family caregivers often have; i.e., how to prevent senior medication errors, how to overcome objections to help at home, etc.
  • Is created with your audience in mind and not just to rank well in search engines  

Considering the top searched-for topic on the internet is health-related information – by as many as 80% of all internet users, or 93 million Americans – home care agencies are perfectly poised to offer the educational care resources that consumers seek. Specifically, the breakdown on searches is: 

  • 63% on a specific disease 
  • 47% on a specific medical treatment or procedure 
  • 44% on diet, nutrition, and vitamins
  • 36% on exercise and fitness
  • 34% on prescription and OTC medications 

And to take it a step further, family caregivers are more prone to search for this information online than non-caregivers – and, nearly a third of those who visit a website which doesn’t provide the resources they’re seeking will leave that site immediately and search elsewhere. 

So how can you ensure your website offers the high-quality content search engines reward and the answers your target audience needs? 

  1. Put yourself in their shoes. One exercise we recommend at corecubed is the creation of a persona that represents your typical (or desired) client. Perhaps your agency’s persona might be a woman between the ages of 40 and 60, juggling children, her career, running a household, and an aging parent in need of care. We even suggest naming your persona, and including an image with the description. Then share with your staff, and try to think the way your persona thinks: what kind of resources would be most helpful?  
  2. Stay up to date on industry trends. There are seemingly daily advancements in research, treatment options, etc. for many chronic conditions of aging. Make sure you’re aware of the latest findings and recommendations from the experts and sharing on a regular basis with your audience. 
  3. Make it a top priority. With so many irons in the fire, it’s easy to let content creation and sharing slip by the wayside. But in order to further your agency’s reach, it’s important to remain consistent in posting new content, giving your SEO a boost and letting consumers know that sharing the resources they need is a priority. 
  4. Never compromise on quality. The only thing worse than not providing fresh, relevant content consistently is providing poorly written, grammatically incorrect content. Professionally written content by industry leaders reflects on the quality of your agency’s services, and is key to garnering trust.  

Download our free Content Marketing for Home Care resource sheet for more details on why content marketing is crucial for your agency’s home care website and online presence 

Then contact the aging care marketing specialists at corecubed for professional content, written on topics pertinent to your target audience, and shared on a consistent, timely basis. Our team of writers and SEO experts is adept in understanding the needs of your target audience, ensuring your agency stands out and is found by those seeking a care solution for a senior loved one. 

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