Home Care Agency Accreditation: A Marketing Value Added


Home Care Agency Accreditation: A Marketing Value Added

For consumers, competition in any market is a good thing. It means that organizations will work harder to maintain the quality and viability of their products and services. For businesses, though, heavy competition, like what we’re seeing now in the home care industry, presents a unique challenge. How does an agency stand out in a crowded marketplace? How can an agency demonstrate that they possess a value that others don’t? The answer is simple: accreditation.

Bringing a caregiver into the home is a big decision that clients do not enter into lightly. When home care is ordered following a hospitalization, families need a way to gauge which agency they prefer from the list they are given at the hospital. With safety and security at the top of their lists when researching potential home care agencies, families can use accreditation to enhance the perceived value as an agency. Accreditation can go a long way to providing peace of mind and letting potential clients know that your company holds itself to the highest standards.

Show Your Hand

Accreditation represents an agency’s credibility in the marketplace, and shows that the agency is dedicated to meeting quality and compliance standards on an ongoing basis. But, in order to use accreditation as an added value to a home care agency and to set that agency apart from the competition, potential clients need to have the accreditation information readily available, and they need to know what it means. For instance, being accredited means:

  • The agency’s processes, procedures and care providers have been reviewed by an objective, non-biased third party;
  • The agency has passed a predetermined set of industry criteria and quality standards; and
  • The agency’s performance has been analyzed and meets or exceeds the minimum industry standards for quality care.

These are important criteria for families who are seeking in-home care for a loved one, and should be part of an overall marketing message. Accreditation information should be included in all general messaging, including:

  • The agency website: Have logos of all accreditations in the footer or sidebar of the agency website homepage that link back to the organization so clients have access to further information. A page on the agency website that details and defines accreditations is also a great way to explain each credential and why it sets the agency apart.
  • Print materials: Include accreditation logos on all agency marketing and communication print materials, including advertisements, flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.
  • Email notifications: Don’t forget to include accreditation logos and information in all outgoing emails and e-newsletters.
  • Social media and blogs: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any of the hundreds of other social networking sites are perfect places to tout credentials. If your agency maintains a company blog, be sure to include a post about any new accreditations your agency receives.

In today’s marketplace, agencies often have to shout to be heard among the noise. Be sure you’re shouting about something that matters to your potential clients. You can and should be proud of your status as an accredited agency. It tells clients that you are committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards to provide premium quality care, and that’s just what your clients are looking for. Looking for other home care marketing ideas? Contact the aging care marketing experts corecubed! We can help you strategize your marketing efforts, target your core audience, and get results!