Shifting Servers? Hire a Website Pro for Your Big Move!

home care website image of professional movers

home care websiteMoving your website to a new web host is sometimes necessary to get the security, bandwidth, and service you need. In many ways, switching servers is a lot like moving into a new house: there are things you need to pack up and secure before the big move, or else you’re going to break some dishes. (Or in the case of your business, something much more precious – your entire website.)

While many of us take the DIY approach to moving to a new house, it’s much riskier to do it yourself when moving to a new web host. While on the surface, changing web hosts seems like a fairly simple task, it is actually a detailed and intricate process. One of the biggest issues we’ve seen with clients who have attempted to move web hosts on their own is that they do not fully understand the process, which leads to some big problems, like:

  • Lost files
  • Identical copies of websites – one on the old host and one on the new host
  • Updates made to the wrong copy of the site
  • Broken links due to lack of redirects
  • Interrupted email service during and after the move
  • And ultimately reduced site traffic

When moving to a new house, the move is made much easier if you make to-do lists, label boxes, and stage each room; in other words, create a plan and execute it properly. The same needs to be done when moving to a new web host. Without a detailed site migration plan, you run the risk of losing valuable data and creating serious downtime for your website and potentially your email as well.

Just as hiring movers can help make your transition into a new house smoother, hiring web professionals to migrate your home care website to a new host can save you the headache (and time and money) of losing files and having to rebuild your website. At corecubed, we’ve got the experience necessary to help you make any big moves your website needs to make. Our developers can create a detailed site migration plan, backup your current website, implement redirects, run tests on your new website, switch your domain to your new server, and handle the cancellation of your old host, ensuring that your site stays intact and functional throughout the transition.

If you’re thinking of moving to a new web host, don’t go it alone! Call on corecubed’s home care website movers today and let us help you get your new home on the web organized.