Have a story to share with the media

A tornado touching down in your community and ripping roofs off is bound to make waves in the local media. Print, online, radio and television journalists will be asking questions and interviewing frustrated homeowners. How much will repairs cost? How can homeowners protect themselves against scams? Does my home need only minor repairs, or will I have to get a new roof?

They have questions. You have answers. Why not offer yourself up as an expert? Consider appearing as a guest on the ABC affiliate’s noon show, or on the local radio talk show to share some of your insights. You’ll not only provide much-needed assurance during a difficult time, but you’ll also be shining the spotlight on your business. Viewers and listeners need expert help. Why not turn to you?

One thing to note: You have to act fast when contacting the media. Television and radio stations in particular act on an hour-by-hour basis. Guests are booked well in advance, so it’s best to call as soon as you see the event on the horizon. And, if you are smart, you will get your tips and handyman advice together early in the season for weather trouble so you are already in the news.